The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 6211

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 6211-“See! You’ve misunderstood my intentions again!” yelled Gladwin.

James clicked his tongue. “Why should I help you become the Timaeus Sect’s leader when you keep treating me this way? Punish me or kill me if you want. I won’t utter a word of complaint about it.”

Upon hearing those words, Gladwin could not help but wonder if James had come up with another plan. Also, what would the Javerigh Sect have to do with their plans of making Gladwin the next Timaeus Sect’s leader?

Gladwin cleared his throat and said softly, “Young man, let’s stop beating around the bush and get straight to the point.”

‘You must apologize first.” James snorted. “I won’t put up with unfair treatment when I am already doing so much to help you! If you think about it, what benefit can I get once you get appointed to be the Timaeus Sect’s new leader?”

Gladwin paused briefly.

Then, he suppressed his displeasure and beamed a smile at James. “I apologize. I was a little harsh earlier…”

James turned his face away and jutted his chin out haughtily.

Gladwin grumbled angrily, “I am sincerely sorry for my inconsiderate actions!

You can forgive me now, right?” James could sense how Gladwin was about to lose his patience. He finally responded, “You must listen to my explanation without cutting me off this time.”

Gladwin gave a slight nod, albeit reluctantly.

“I claimed to be from the Timaeus Sect’s side and attacked the Javerigh Sect’s army. That’s just a way to achieve our plan.”

James sighed. “Our actual purpose is to gain the Javerigh Sect’s support. We need to make them despise Xachary so that they’ll change their mind and make you the Righteous Alliance’s new leader.”

Gladwin’s eyes widened. “Is… Is that even possible?”

“That’ll depend on whether you are willing to follow my instructions after this.” An enigmatic smile hung on James’ face.

Gladwin was intrigued by James’ suggestion.

He lifted his hand and put up a soundproof formation around him and James.

The Historial Dragon’s Breath was still activated.

“What’s the plan?” Gladwin fixed his gaze on James.

James grinned. “First, you need to make a trip to the Javerigh Sect. Tell them that it was Xachary who ordered the attack and that you were completely unaware of it.

“Say something along the lines of how Xachary felt threatened by the amount of support you received in the Righteous Alliance. Therefore, he was trying to instigate conflict between you and the others.”

Gladwin furrowed his brows. “Would they believe that?”

‘They won’t be fully convinced.” James’ smile broadened. “However, once you tell them about how Xachary has dropped from his original cultivation rank and went into a closed-door meditation, they will surely believe your words.”

Gladwin drew a long breath. “You have a point.”

James said unhurriedly, “For the next step, after gaining the Javerigh Sect’s members’ trust, you should earn their support by promising them bountiful rewards.

“You should be quite good at that part. I don’t need to teach you how to do it, right?”

Gladwin blushed slightly and nodded.

‘The third part is the most important step.” James continued flatly, “You need to make the Javerigh Sect’s members feel that they are receiving much special treatment compared to the other members of the Righteous Alliance.

“You are the acting leader of the Righteous Alliance at the moment. That way, the Javerigh Sect’s members will fully trust and support you.”

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