The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 6212

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 6212-Gladwin threw back his head and laughed. “You came up with this meticulous plan early on, huh?”

“You’re right. We bear no grudge against each other.” James replied,” However, Xachary tried to kill me before. Even if you didn’t make those offers, I would still try to make him lose the position of the Timaeus Sect’s leader.”

Gladwin nodded slowly. “With that said, does this mean that we are allies now?”

“No.” James shook his head. “We are simply partners in crime.

“I probably wouldn’t be able to achieve the things that you could do. The same goes for the opposite. Therefore, we need to help each other out and work toward achieving our mutual goal.”

“Alright!” Gladwin let out a hearty laugh. “I feel very reassured after hearing that from you. By the way, what happened with the Behaterm Sect and the Sanctum Sect?”

James smiled slightly. He shared about the incidents relating to the Behaterm Sect elaborately.

Gladwin chuckled and nodded. “So, that makes you the owner of two Genesis Worlds now.”

“I want to talk to you about that as well.” James grinned. “The Timaeus Sect is a large organization, and I have no wish to get involved in your members’ conflicts.

“I will help you remove Xachary. Once you attain the position as the new leader of the Timaeus Sect, our collaboration may end depending on the situation.

“However, if you don’t feel generous enough to offer the two new Genesis Worlds I own protection, then I do not see the need for US to help each other anymore.”

Gladwin looked at James and smiled contemptuously.

He was impressed by how James had cleverly threatened him. Moreover, James had not even mentioned his connection to Skynet and the lustus Sect.

Gladwin’s grin widened. “If I followed your advice and told the Javerigh Sect’s members what you said earlier, they might blame you…”

“It’s alright.” James responded, “I believe you can handle the situation just fine, Mr. Gladwin.”

Gladwin chuckled. “It seems we’ve reached an agreement today. Hopefully, we will succeed in bringing Xachary down soon.”

Then, Gladwin teleported and disappeared from James’ sight.

Simultaneously, the soundproof formation and the Historial Dragon’s Breath were lifted.

As soon as James put the Yuraeceon Genesis Bell away, several people materialized near him.

“Gladwin’s gone?” Truett asked.

Rebella said, ‘That old man is too powerful. He managed to unleash enough powers to cover the entire Xyndaros Genesis World.”

“He’s deemed one of the top cultivators in the Ancient Genesis World.” Lyla replied monotonously, “He’s different from other Quasi Daelcon Rank cultivators.”

did the two of you talk about?”

James smiled enigmatically. ‘Those who are filled with greed care most about getting what they want.”

Everyone had puzzled looks on their faces upon hearing James’ words.

“Alright then.” James continued, “It’s time we proceed with the wedding preparations.”

The others were rendered speechless by his words again.

Once the group of cultivators left the Xyndaros Genesis World, a purplish- pink light zoomed across the sky.

As the light landed on a spot, Lady Jacinth materialized there a few seconds later. ‘That man is pretty smart. He even fooled Gladwin. Things are getting more and more interesting.”


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