The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 7082

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 7082-James emphasized, “It’s crucial to grasp one thing. Regardless of whether Xanthakos commands the Gate of Mystery or not, his Primordial spirit resides here. As long as he cannot expel me, then I will pose a threat to him.

“So, whether he reigns as the head of the Five Path Emperors, seizes control of the Forty-Ninth Heaven, or even commands the Wuia Temple and the Path Designation Bead, he remains bound to my will.”

Lesia glanced at the others and said, “Then there’s no need for US to leave w “No, leaving is imperative,” James interjected, narrowing his gaze. “Only through your efforts will the Forty-Ninth Heaven maintain equilibrium. We need the three forces to merge into one.”

“How do we achieve this unity?” Yianni questioned, furrowing his brow.

James replied, “Xanthakos may perish, but the Qadeer Sect must survive. In essence, Xanthakos must be replaced, but the Qadeer Sect must persist.”

Though complex, all present, being astute, comprehended the essence of James’ words.

While Xanthakos’ demise was admissible, James’ ultimate objective was to take control of the Xanthakos Sect. Timing, then, became pivotal-when to facilitate Xanthakos’ demise and assume command of the sect was a matter of strategic calculation.

Suddenly, Harper breached the void with her trident, triggering a resounding boom that caused the Gate of Mystery to convulse violently.

Instantly, beyond the hole created by her trident, an unending torrent of infernal flames erupted as though poised to consume everything in their path.

Confronting the fiery deluge, Morgott, Yianni, and Lesia swiftly coordinate to create a barrier in defense.

Yet, to their astonishment, the barrier was swiftly incinerated to ashes by the relentless cascade of flames before it could even fully materialize.

“What formidable heat,” Lesia exclaimed. “Quick, evade!”

Morgott and Yianni hurriedly fled, but Harper, the instigator of the disturbance, remained in the void, seemingly unfazed by the rain of fire.

In the ensuing moment, the flames engulfed her, only for her to absorb everything.

James was astonished by the spectacle.

Confronted with the deluge of rapidly falling flames, Harper ascended into the air, consuming them with remarkable speed until she reached the apex of the void she had breached.

She waved her slender hands toward the gaping void, and the flames she had just devoured were promptly expelled back.

Having accomplished this feat, she casually tore her skirt and banded the tear in the void as if repairing a minor inconvenience. Then, she dusted her hands and returned to James’ side.

Harper smiled charmingly and said, “While they cower before the flames, we embrace it. This type of fire is likely unfamiliar to you, right?”

James responded with a calm smile. “I’m awaiting your explanation.”

Harper responded, “Without US, they would be trapped in here forever. Anyway, Quentyn and Quintus got involved.”

“Quentyn, Quintus?” James inquired with furrowed brows.

Harper brandished her trident and explained, “These two elders are formidable figures who ascended to the Forty-Ninth Heaven before Xanthakos. But they’re a bit eccentric in taste, character, morality, and interests.”

James was at a loss for words.

Harper said disdainfully, ‘Vet, they’ve chosen to support Xanthakos despite his unsightliness, even treating him like a son. otherwise, he would not have become one of the Five Path Emperors.”

James asked, “So, they’re more powerful than Xanthakos?”

“Ever heard of hidden emperors?” Harper dodged the question, laying a hand on James’ shoulder with a sly grin.

James felt uneasy with Harper’s ambiguous demeanor and quickly edged away as he shook his head.

Harper elaborated, ‘They’re independent from the Supreme Path. Essentially, they’re among the strongest entities of the Haleth Realm’s first batch of living beings .”

“However, the Waitara Path and the beings formed from Xyloria Aura despise them. Hence, even though they have great cultivation achievements and are under the authority of the Forty-Ninth Heaven and the Waitara Path, they were never given proper titles. They are so much stronger than normal deities.”

James squinted and asked, “So they’re Xanthakos’ backbone?”

Harper affirmed, “Exactly. That’s why the flames from earlier were so strong.

They weren’t cast by deities but by hidden emperors.”

“How do we counter it?” James inquired directly.

Harper chuckled, then beckoned James with a finger. “Come closer, and I will enlighten you.”

James remained steadfast. “No, thank you.”

“So stubborn,” Harper retorted, then soared into the air, heading straight for the patched hole.

“Why does she have such a penchant for digging holes? She’s so strange,”

James muttered as he followed suit.

Observing their departure through the hole, Yianni, Morgott, and Lesia were dumbfounded.

“Did James yield to her, or did she successfully seduce him?” asked Morgott.

Lesia instantly whacked Morgott’s head and retorted, “What are you thinking?

James is not so easil y swayed, and his heart belongs only to his wife.”

Yianni put his hands behind his back, took a deep breath, and said, ‘They’re paving the way for US to leave. If even our intellect pales in comparison to theirs, Morgott is even worse.”

“Why must you undermine me?” Morgott retorted, glaring at Yianni.

“Because you’re a fool.” Lesia pushed Morgott away. Then, she turned to Yianni and asked, ‘The flames just now seemed familiar. Could it be their doing?”

Yianni affirmed, “Most likely. They support such a despicable being and are a disgrace to mortals. It’s not wonder entities formed by Xyloria Aura hold us in such disdain.” “Between James and Harper, one of them must be about to gain a great boon.” Lesia mused, a sudden realization dawning on her.


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