The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 7083

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 7083-The flames blazed fiercely, and the temperature soared. Amid this vast, hazy, and scorching scene, James stood proudly with one hand behind his back, allowing countless fireballs and flames to pass by. His handsome face remained calm and did not even flicker.

Beside him, Harper held an ice shield and wielded her massive light trident, which looked both amusing and endearing.

After a while, James casually reached out and captured a passing fire snake. It writhed violently in his grasp, hissing in resistance.

“Is this the so-called hidden emperor’s flame?”James narrowed his eyes slightly.

“Yeap!” Harper sighed and observed the surroundings. “Look at this formation.

Quentyn and Quintus used the hidden emperor’s flame to create such a

massive barrier around the Gate of Mystery to prevent our escape.”

James smiled indifferently at the struggling fire snake in his hand. “They think this will stop us?”

Harper warned, “Don’t underestimate the hidden emperor’s flame. It’s more potent than the Historial Purple Flames in the Wuinfinite Formation. It can burn through weapons, magic artifacts, golden bodies, physical forms, and even Waltraud Power.

“Even someone as strong as me needs the Historial Ice Shield to barely withstand it. As for Morgott, Hankin, Lesia, and Yianni, none of them can resist it.”

She looked at James with curiosity and said, “You also have an Ultimate Golden Body, but you seem to be able to withstand the hidden emperor’s flame without any protection. You’re quite strange.”

James retorted, “And you have a shield and trident bigger than yourself. I’d say the same about you.”

Harper snorted, about to reply, when a whistling sound of breaking wind interrupted them.

Two fiery red figures approached rapidly with the force of thunder and lightning.

The sea of flames became violently chaotic, sending fire snakes, fireballs, and sparks flying as they passed.

The shield protecting Harper collapsed instantly under the intense impact. As Harper stood bewildered, James swiftly moved, lifting her and soaring into the sky with a burst of purple-gold light.

The next moment, the two fiery red figures collided with the flames where James and Harper had just been, causing two loud explosions. Flames and sparks spread like a doomsday catastrophe, destroying everything in their path.

After the explosion, two old men in bright red robes with flowing red hair appeared in the void where James and Harper had stood seconds ago. One of them was tall and thin, the other short and plump. They each had a hand behind their back, exuding an intimidating aura.

The tall, thin, red-haired man was surrounded by nine fire dragons, and the short, plump, red-haired man was encircled by nine ice dragons. The two radiated with red and blue light, which intertwined to cause a great spectacle.

Harper, enveloped in James’s purple-gold light, said, “Quentyn and Quintus are indeed two old monsters.”

James squinted. “They seem more powerful than Xanthacos.”

Harper smiled charmingly. ‘Though the Five Path Emperors are ranked highest in the Greater Realms, it’s due to their control over the Five Gates of the Supreme Path. In actuality, they aren’t the strongest in personal combat.

“Real powerhouses don’t care about rankings and even despise being ranked.” James nodded in agreement.

Suddenly, a powerful voice echoed from below them. “Are you James? Could we talk to you?”

James said calmly, “They’re more eager than I am.” He turned to Harper and instructed, “Stay within this golden halo’s protection and return to the Gate of Mystery. No matter what happens, don’t intervene.”

After speaking, he transformed into a streak of sword light and rushed toward the two old men.


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