The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 7084

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 7084-Harper chuckled, ‘You’re quite responsible. I like cute guys like you.”

James transformed into a Sword Light and appeared before Quintus and Quentyn. He stood with his hands behind his back, and his aura matched that of the two hidden emperors.

Quintus laughed as he looked at James, ‘You have an exceptional aura and a sharp gaze. You are indescribably noble. Truly worthy of being the only Chosen One from the mortals.”

Quentyn also stroked his beard and smiled approvingly at James.

James responded calmly, ‘You two are hidden emperors that don’t need my flattery. Since you’re here for Xanthachos, I’m assuming it’s a fight you want? Do you two want to team up against me, or do this individually?”

Quentyn and Quintus exchanged glances and then burst into laughter.

James narrowed his eyes slightly, clearly displeased. He despised those who pretended to be mighty and generous. They were going to fight anyway, so there was no need for such formalities. Otherwise, it would be embarrassing after losing the battle.

Quintus sneered, “As cultivators, being arrogant isn’t wise, young man.”

James retorted, ‘You’re supposed to be arrogant while still young.”

Quentyn twisted his beard and said, “Alright! Since you’re eager to fight, we’ll oblige. It’s the perfect chance to move our muscles.”

Quintus added smilingly, “It’s been hundreds of thousands of entrapochs since we last got some action. We’ll spar with you today. Since it’s a two- against-one match, we’ll only use half of our strength. You can go all out.”

James nodded and replied, “I don’t care. Do as you wish.”

“How arrogant,” Quentyn shouted, raised his hand, and unleashed a terrifying purple-red fire dragon at James.


James summoned a Sword Light and instantly shattered the fire dragon.

“Interesting. That’s the Qreiyll Sword God’s Supernatural Power,” Quintus remarked, then pointed his finger into the void. The next moment, a massive long sword charged at James.

James no longer held back. He cast the Terrastride Step and Dawnblaze Form, stepping along the massive sword to approach Quintus.

Seeing his counter, the duo did not retreat. Instead, they bravely charged forward and engaged in close combat with James.

The two sides fought within the formation, their figures flickered as they swung their hands and feet.

The void was filled with terrifying Sword Energy and the deafening roars of dragons.

James’ main focus had always been the Marcials Path, hence he excelled in close combat. Every move of his was aimed at dealing lethal damage. With the addition of his Three Treasures and the power of his Zenthur Rank, he seamlessly countered the two old men’s attacks.

Despite fighting two opponents simultaneously, he was not at a disadvantage.

He was slightly faster than the two hidden emperors.

Meanwhile, Quintus and Quentyn grew increasingly frightened and shocked as they fought.

They were the first beings to have entered Zymurgy after the Haleth Realm had formed. Their foundation and cultivation were far superior to James’. Yet, despite using fifty percent of their strength, they were unable to defeat him even after an exchange of tens of millions of moves. Instead, they were being suppressed by his overwhelming speed.

“Ice Dragon Breath!” With a loud shout, Quintus took advantage of the moment when Quentyn repelled James and raised his hand to swing a punch.

The next second, accompanied by countless terrifying roars, an endless stream of ice dragons rushed toward James.

Simultaneously, Quentyn launched giant sword flames. They immediately combined with the roaring ice dragons and rushed straight at James.

The combined power of ice and fire was so overwhelming that even the Five Path Emperors would hesitate to confront it head-on.


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