The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 7085

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 7085-Harper shouted, “Be careful, James. That’s one of their strongest Supernatural Powers.”

As her warning echoed, James neither dodged nor flinched. Instead, he waved his hand to summon a shiny bell. Faced with the attacks, he advanced and suddenly struck the bell with his palm.

Instantly, the bell emitted a vast purple-gold light, absorbing the ice dragons and Sword Lights.

Quintus and Quentyn were stunned by the bell’s power.

“Warm up is over. It’s my turn now,” James declared, then threw the bell into the void and sat cross-legged in the void.

The next moment, gray clouds spread throughout the area and lighting flashed

from above. The bell multiplied until there were ten thousand of them. Their loud chimes echoed, and a dreamy light permeated the void.

The rampant flames, fire snakes, fireballs, and flints stopped attacking as if entranced.

Shortly after, a divine lotus bloomed beneath James, engulfing the shocked Quintus and Quentyn. Then, it expanded over the entire formation.

“This…” Quintus stammered in shock. “Is this the Three Treasures?”

Quentyn, seeing the countless holy lotuses forming behind James, gasped in disbelief.

“You’re right!” Quintus exclaimed, “How can he wield the powers of the Daeclon Mahayana and the Three Treasures simultaneously? Even the Five Path Emperors are not capable of doing so.”

“Dodge!” Quentyn yelled and leaped into the air.

Just as Quintus reacted and fled the area, a dazzling purple-gold Sword Lights struck.


After the loud explosion, the Sword Light redirected and rushed toward Quentyn. Unable to dodge in time, he was forced to block the attack.

However, the relentless attack overwhelmed him. Soon, he was knocked away, leaving him bloodied and covered in wounds.

Quintus rushed to help but was attacked by the Sword Light, forcing him to gradually retreat.

Quentyn wiped the blood from his lips and shouted, “Careful, Quintus! The Sword Light seems to be his Primordial Spirit combined with his weapon!”

As he spoke, the purple-gold Sword Light that repelled Quintus emitted a dazzling light.

The bells in the sky, seemingly commanded by a mysterious power, descended rapidly. They formed a square formation around Quentyn and Quintus, spinning rapidly around them.

Feeling the impending danger, Quentyn and Quintus sensed the fear of death.

Just as they prepared to attack, the formation transformed. Gold- colored lights connected, dividing the formation into countless smaller square sections, creating terrifying purple-gold light walls.

Within each small square section, colorful flames rose, lightning struck from above, and a strong wind swept through. Quentyn and Quintus felt as if they were plunged into purgatory and were left to desperately fend for their lives.

Suddenly, the Sword Light above them duplicated, until there were forty- nine.

Then, they each descended into one of the sections.


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