The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 7086

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 7086-Simultaneously, within each section, a striking figure cloaked in fiery red darted swiftly, launching assaults on Quentyn. These relentless attacks left him struggling to defend himself, retreating with each step, besieged by unparalleled pressure.

“Are you alright?” Quintus beheld the spectacle unfolding before him in shock.

Just as he moved to exit his own confined space, he found himself ensnared by two Primordial Spirits and besieged by a barrage of Sword Lights.

While fending off the relentless assault, Quintus bellowed, “He’s so strong!

There’s no need to adhere to our agreement of only using half our strength.

We’ll perish if we continue to hold back!”

With these words, a vast, ominous azure light erupted from his being,

summoning forth a legion of ice dragons.

Wherever the ice dragons roamed, the once-imposing purple-golden lights that divided each cube, shattered like glass.

Observing this, Quentyn, constrained by the two Primordial Spirits, spread his arms wide. The fiery formation enshrouding the Gate of Mystery whirled into motion. A torrent of sparks, fire snakes, and fireballs submerged into Quentyn’s body, fueling him with great strength.

“Die!” With a thunderous roar, Quentyn thrust his palm forward and knocked the two Primordial Spirits away. Then, he swiftly ascended into the voice, hovering above the square formation.


Another deafening explosion ensued as Quentyn collided with a plummeting purple-golden word that read “Path”, and he rebounded into the square formation.

At that moment, Quintus breached a wall and finally reunited with Quentyn.

Quintus exclaimed, “He’s so unpredictable! We’ve underestimated him.”

Quentyn drew a deep breath. “No wonder Xanthakos is so troubled by him. He’s capable of fusing all of his Supernatural Powers.”

Quintus interjected, “We can’t hold back anymore, otherwise, we’d be defeated by him and our plans would be ruined.”

Quentin surveyed the bells surrounding them.

“We have to unleash all our strength. At the very least, we must reach a stalemate.”

With resolve, he turned his palms skyward, summoning a colossal flame cushion above his head. With a swift motion, he seated himself upon it and created a defensive barrier formed by nine fire dragons.

Simultaneously, Quintus waved his hand conjuring a shiny caldron above his head. Bathed in the purple-blue radiance, nine ice dragons encircled him, repelling the onslaught of Wama Flame and Galeth Wind, and deflecting lightning flashes cascading from above.

“Ice and fire, break!” As the two hidden emperors combined their strength, the bell formation surrounding them shattered amidst the roars of dragons and resounding explosions.

At that moment, James, seated cross-legged atop the lotus, abruptly opened his eyes. Two black-gold dragons surged forth toward the hidden emperors.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

A few deafening explosions reverberated, causing the fire formation to quake violently. Fiery flames rained down, making for a terrifying sight.

Harper enshrouded in the purple-golden light, gasped.”He’s so powerful!

Amazing! I want to sleep with him now!”

She shouted excitedly, “Vanquish them, my dear! It’ll prevent a lot of future problems!”


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