The Mans Decree Chapter 3601

A terrifying aura emanated from this red figure.

Kai’s face was filled with astonishment. He had never considered how two souls could merge, let alone transform into such an ugly creature.

It was clear that after the fusion of Maverick’s and Broden’s souls, the red figure had significantly increased in power and cultivation.

Accompanied by a roar from the red figure, a gust of spiritual energy instantly swept through the surroundings. A wave of oppressive energy caused Kai’s body to abruptly fall from mid- air.

“What’s going on? This guy is actually an Eighth Level Tribulator cultivator. I’m hardly a match for him.”

Montane Daemon looked at the red figure in astonishment.

The souls of two Sixth Level Tribulator cultivators had astonishingly merged into one through the Sacrificial Blood Array. This fusion resulted in a body that possessed the power of an Eighth Level Tribulator cultivator.

This was simply too outrageous.

The strength of someone at the Eighth Level of Tribulator was so formidable that they could easily defeat ten or even more individuals at the Sixth Level of Tribulator.

“As expected of a formation plate from the celestial realm. It’s incredibly powerful…” Tyler exclaimed.

As a member of a family renowned for their skills in formations, Tyler knew very well that even if the Summers family practiced for several generations, they could never hope to create such a formidable formation plate.

The blood-red figure stared at Kai, then suddenly lunged at him, moving at the speed of lightning.

A sense of tension gripped Kai’s heart. Although he had already advanced to the Second level of Tribulator, dealing with someone at the Eighth Level seemed nearly impossible.

Moreover, the opponent had a formation plate behind him which constantly supplied power.

Array runes constantly flickered on the red figure. They were connected to the Sacrificial Blood Array.

The Sacrificial Blood Array used the blood of the array runes to provide strength to the red figure.

Kai had reached a dead-end.

The opponent was of a higher level than him, stronger, and had a continuous supply of resources.

How was he supposed to fight under those circumstances?

At that moment, the red figure appeared before Kai.

He let out a whimper that was hard to discern, unleashing a burst of crimson light.

This radiance continually expanded in Kai’s eyes. Kai abruptly retreated, but the radiance, like a shadow, persistently followed him.

Kai’s brows furrowed as he gathered demonic fire into the palm of his hand. Subsequently, it transformed into a massive shield of flames before him, enveloping his entire body.

But when this radiance flew forth, it did not collide with the shield. Instead, it passed through as if it were an intangible entity.

“What’s going on?”

Kai’s pupils contracted slightly.

The radiant light struck Kai’s chest, sending him flying backward.

He spat out a mouthful of blood, his face pale.

“Master!” Feenix cried out loudly.

“Kai!” Catina was also filled with immeasurable heartache.

“Mr. Chance…”

Igor and the others were all sweating bullets for Kai, but their anxiety at that moment couldn’t help him in the slightest.

“You all don’t need to worry. I won’t die…”

Kai mustered a faint smile, then wiped the trace of blood from the corner of his mouth. He gripped the Demon Flogger calmly, casting a series of whip shadows.

Although this red figure was a fusion of Maverick’s and Broden’s souls, he was still a Demonic Cultivator, and he was certain to fear the Demon Flogger.

And this time, the red figure didn’t dodge or hide. Whip shadows after whip shadows passed through the figure’s body, yet they left no trace at all.

The Demon Flogger didn’t seem to work anymore.

“Mr. Chance, this weird guy is the fusion of the souls of Maverick and Broden. He doesn’t have a spiritual sense, let alone a consciousness field. I’m afraid this Demon Flogger might not be of any use,” Faiyar reminded.

It was then that Kai came to a realization. The reason why the Demon Flogger was so formidable against the Demonic Cultivators was because it could attack their consciousness field.

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