An Understated Dominance by Marina Vittori Chapter 2174

Chapter 2174

“Hmph! You guys who have never seen the world, you will soon know what it means that there are people outside the world, and there is a sky outside the world!” Niu Mang sneered.

He didn’t pay attention to a small character like Dustin who had no family or sect at all.

“Contestant No. 846 failed the test, next one.”

At this time, the referee’s loud voice sounded again.

Another warrior failed the registration test, and Cui Tou left the scene dejectedly.

“Junior Brother Niu, it’s your turn next. Don’t embarrass our Xuanwu Sect.” King Ma raised his chin.

Niu Mang is No. 847, Meng Yao is No. 848, and he is No. 849.

“Senior Brother Ma, don’t worry. There are no weaklings among our Xuanwu Sect’s elite disciples. If I can’t even pass the first test, I might as well find a piece of tofu and kill me!” Niu Mang patted his chest confidently.

The tripod lifting test is only the most basic test. If you can’t even handle this level, how can you compete with the world’s heroes?

How to replace Xuanwu Sect and become famous?

“Very good, go ahead and unleash your power.” Horse King nodded.

“Senior Brother Ma, Yaoyao, just watch my performance!”

Niu Mang smiled proudly, and then strode to the front of the ten-thousand-jin cauldron.

The 10,000-jin cauldron is as tall as a person, and it is indeed extremely difficult for ordinary warriors to lift it above their heads.

Only after breaking through the innate realm and receiving the blessing of true energy can one be qualified to lift tens of thousands of pounds.

“Bah! Bah!”

After Niu Mang came on the stage, he spit on his left and right hands respectively, and then rubbed them vigorously a few times.

After the saliva solidified, he stretched out his left and right hands and grabbed the two ears of the bronze tripod.


Niu Mang took a deep breath and exerted force with his hands.

The muscles all over the body were tense, and the energy exploded.

The bronze cauldron weighing ten thousand kilograms was quickly lifted up.

“Hahaha… It’s just a small tripod, not worth mentioning!”

Niu Mang held the cauldron in both hands and walked back and forth in a show-off manner. His whole person looked calm and relaxed, without any pressure.

This scene attracted the attention of people around him.

Although there are many warriors who can lift a 10,000-jin cauldron, there are very few who can lift it so easily.

In other words, the other party is qualified to challenge the 50,000-jin giant cauldron.

“Contestant No. 847 passed the test.” The referee announced the result expressionlessly.

“Senior Brother Ma! Senior Brother Niu has been successfully shortlisted!” Meng Yao couldn’t help but look happy.

As a fellow student, she was naturally happy that Niu Mang could pass the test.

“The 10,000-jin cauldron is nothing to Junior Brother Niu. The real challenge is the 50,000-jin cauldron. If he can succeed, he should have a place in this martial arts competition.” Old God Ma Wang said.

He didn’t pay attention to the 10,000-jin giant cauldron at all. The 50,000-jin giant cauldron was his goal.

“I hope Senior Brother Niu can continue his efforts and succeed in one fell swoop.” Meng Yao looked expectant.

“Boy! See? This is power!”

Niu Mang held up the big cauldron and walked up to Dustin with great power. Then he put it down with a “boom” and made three holes. He said in a provocative tone: “Weren’t you crazy just now? Come on, come on, you have the ability. Lift this thing up for me!”

“The 10,000-jin cauldron is not difficult for me. If you really want to compete with me, just bring the 50,000-jin cauldron over here.” Dustin said calmly.


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