An Understated Dominance by Marina Vittori Chapter 2181

Chapter 2181

“What we are competing for is strength, but what about you? But you adopt this sneaky and sneaky way, which is obviously a defeat without force!” Niu Mang shouted with eyes wide open.

“According to what you mean, I have to stand still and let the cauldron smash me to death to be fair and aboveboard?” Dustin sneered.

“Hey! Are you Xuanwu Sect being unreasonable? You promised that as long as you catch the cauldron, you will win. But they caught it, and you refused to admit defeat. Isn’t it too shameful?”

“That’s right! You still claim to be heroes, but in the end you don’t even have this sense of responsibility. It’s really disappointing!”

At this moment, many warriors began to fight for Dustin.

They either come from small sects or are not well-known, so they are often looked down upon and even bullied by some disciples of large sects.

Now that I see the Xuanwu Sect disciples openly bullying others and refusing to admit their defeat, I am naturally very unhappy, so they all speak up.

“Shut up! It’s none of your business, just shut up!” Niu Mang was a little angry.

As a noble disciple of the Xuanwu Sect, he could not admit under any circumstances that today he would be pooped and peed on by an unknown person.

“Boy, you are indeed a bit clever. I admit, you won this bet.”

At this time, Ma Wang said with a gloomy face: “However, relying on such sneaky and slippery means to achieve victory, in my opinion, is the behavior of a coward. No matter how you argue, it can’t change that you are a weakling. fact!”

“That’s right!”

Niu Mang quickly echoed: “It’s precisely because you are a weakling that you don’t dare to compete head-on with my senior brother Ma. Even if you win the bet, you are still a waste and a cowardly guy!”


Hearing this, Dustin laughed even louder: “Originally, I just planned to play with you, but I didn’t expect you to take it seriously. In this case, let’s bet again, this time with a little more difficulty, directly sign the life and death certificate, win or lose Life and death are determined by destiny, how about that?”

“What? Sign a life and death certificate?”

As soon as these words came out, there was a lot of discussion around him.

Everyone in the martial arts world knows that once a person signs a life-and-death battle, it is bound to be a life-or-death battle.

Win and live, lose and die.

Moreover, the relatives and friends of the deceased’s master cannot take the opportunity to retaliate, otherwise they will not only be criticized verbally and written by the heroes of the world, but also be held accountable by the Zhenwu Division.

So generally speaking, no hatred will reach this level if it is not too big.

“Did I hear you correctly? You actually want to sign a life and death certificate with me, Senior Brother Ma?”

Niu Mang was stunned at first, then looked overjoyed, looking like an idiot.

He really didn’t expect that Dustin would say such a thing.

After finally escaping the disaster and winning some reputation, the other party actually jumped into the fire pit. It was really stupid!

“That’s right, it’s just a life and death certificate. Do you dare?” Dustin smiled half-heartedly.

“Why don’t you dare? Just let your horse come over!” Niu Mang held his head high.

“Let me make it clear first, how do you want to bet? Don’t try any other tricks.” Ma Wang was a little suspicious.

Although he is very confident in his own strength, it is always right to be cautious when sailing a thousand-year-old ship.

“It’s very simple, just like before, we still throw the tripod. You throw it once, I throw it once, see who can’t hold on first.”

Dustin smiled faintly and said: “Of course, in order to avoid being said to be opportunistic by you, the rules have been changed this time. The person receiving the tripod cannot dodge, cannot use weapons, cannot let off force, cannot let the tripod fall to the ground, and can only rely on his own strength. How about hitting it hard with your body?”


Hearing this, King Ma couldn’t help but laugh: “Since you like to seek death so much, I won’t be polite! I will make you pay a heavy price for your stupidity and arrogance!”


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