An Understated Dominance by Marina Vittori Chapter 2185

Chapter 2185

King Ma had a gloomy face, and as he spoke, he took out a square sandalwood box from his arms.

Opening the sandalwood box, there is a purple elixir inside. The breeze blows, and it is accompanied by a strong fragrance.

Ma Wang took a deep breath into the elixir, a trace of reluctance flashed in his eyes, but it was quickly replaced by determination.

“Originally, this Tiger Roaring Pill was the trump card I prepared for the final battle. I didn’t expect that I would use it in advance because of you today. Although it is a pity, as long as I can destroy you, I am willing to waste this treasure!”

Ma Wang said, directly picked up the purple elixir and threw it into his mouth.

The elixir melts instantly in the mouth, and the spiritual liquid contained in it instantly penetrates the limbs and bones, nourishing all the meridians.

King Ma felt that all the fatigue in his body had been swept away, and he became energetic again, as if his whole body had endless power.

Especially the true energy in the body began to increase significantly with the supplement of spiritual liquid.


The horse king suddenly roared, and a terrifying momentum suddenly broke out.

In an instant, his hair stood on end, his figure expanded, and his tight top was instantly torn into pieces, revealing his strong muscles.

At this moment, King Ma has already broken through the realm and stepped directly from the Innate Great Perfection to the half-step master realm.

The strength can be said to be doubled!

“It’s such a strong sense of oppression. It seems like he has broken through!”

“As expected of the chief of the Xuanwu Sect, he even has the Tiger Roaring Pill. He really has a strong foundation!”

“What is Tiger Roaring Pill? Is it very powerful?”

“Nonsense! Of course it’s amazing! It’s difficult to refine the Tiger Roar Pill and it’s very rare. But people who take the Tiger Roar Pill have a great chance of breaking through their current realm and reaching a higher level in a short period of time! A treasure like this, It’s hard to find, even money can’t buy it!”

“I’m even willing to use the Tiger Roaring Pill. It seems that I will fight to the death today!”


Seeing the horse king’s momentum rising, everyone couldn’t help but talk about it.

Before, they thought the outcome was determined, but they didn’t expect the horse king to have such a trump card.

Borrowing the power of the Tiger Roaring Pill, he broke through the realm and greatly increased his strength. It was obvious that he was risking his life.

“Hahahahaha…boy! Did you see it? This is the background of my Senior Brother Ma!”

Seeing the reversal of the situation, Niu Mang couldn’t help but laugh wildly: “I admit that you are somewhat capable, but so what? Now that my senior brother Ma has broken through and his strength has greatly increased, it will be easy to deal with you. If you understand, you will kneel down and beg for mercy, otherwise you will die. undoubtedly!”

He didn’t expect Ma Wang to be so willing to take the Tiger Roar Pill. It seemed that he was determined to kill today.

“Kneel down and beg for mercy?”

Dustin sneered: “You don’t really think that your senior brother can turn things around after taking a pill, right? Then I can only say that you are naive.”

“Hmph! If you dare to speak harshly when you are about to die, you will know the power of the Tiger Roar Pill in a moment!” Niu Mang sneered, with an expression as if he was looking at someone dead.

“Boy! You are proud of yourself for being able to force me to use the Tiger Roaring Pill, but today, I have to make you pay the price with your blood!”

King Ma roared angrily and kicked the 50,000-pound cauldron.

With a “clang” sound, the heavy bronze tripod instantly shot up and hit Dustin at an extremely fast speed.

Wherever it passes, smoke and dust rise everywhere, and nothing can stop it!


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