The Amazing Son In Law Chapter 6275

The reception room of Brooklyn Prison is not strictly in the office area or the prison area, but is a transitional part between the two.

Because it is a transitional part, the reception room is not far from the prison area. Once you exit the iron gate and walk down a corridor for tens of meters to the end, the rooms on both sides are the reception rooms.

However, there are three levels of reception rooms in Brooklyn Prison.

The ordinary reception room is shared by all prisoners. There are at least ten or twenty reception tables in a reception room. The prisoners’ family members or lawyers come here to meet here.

When meeting in this kind of reception room, there are constantly other prisoners and family members nearby, and there are also prison guards watching. Physical contact and the passing of items are not allowed, which is relatively less free.

Those with a slightly more special status can get a relatively secluded small private reception room. This kind of reception room is. There are no other prisoners or family members, and there is only one prison guard to supervise, so the freedom is relatively better.

However, there is also a rather elegant reception room here, which not only has a sofa and TV, but also some snacks and drinks. What is even more rare is that this room has also undergone special acoustic treatment, which is very soundproof, and does not have any monitoring facilities.

The most important thing is that when meeting here, the prison guards will not come in to interfere. Some of the items carried by the visitors, as long as they can pass the prison security inspection, can be handed over to the prisoners. Use this as a room for couples to visit and do some actual couple activities. Also completely uninhibited.

Every time the warden met with Gustavo, he would choose this reception room to ensure absolute privacy.

When charlie and Gustavo were brought to the door of the reception room, he could already feel that someone was sitting inside. The

prison guard opened the door. A middle-aged man wearing a suit and gold-rimmed glasses, who was very elegant and in line with the image of the American upper class, was sitting on the sofa with his legs crossed. Holding a cigar.

Seeing Gustavo come in, the man stood up quickly and said with a very gentlemanly smile, “Mr. Sanchez, please come in!”

Gustavo walked in with charlie, and the prison guard outside closed the door tightly.

At this time, Bruce Weinstein looked at charlie next to Gustavo, smiled and said, “This must be Mr. Sanchez’s friend, right? Hello! My name is Bruce Weinstein, and I am the warden of Brooklyn Prison. Chief.”

charlie also smiled back and said, “Hello, Mr. Warden, I am an old friend of Mr. Sanchez. My surname is wade. I was imprisoned here for illegal immigration this time. I will treat you well in the future. Take care of me.”

Bruce Weinstein said with a smile, “Illegal immigration is not a big deal. I think Mr. Wade will not stay with us for long, but don’t worry, since Mr. Wade is a friend of Mr. Sanchez, as long as you stay here For one day, they are all VIPs of our Brooklyn Prison. I will definitely tell the people below to give Mr. Wade full care. If Mr. Wade has any needs, you can also ask me.” Gustavo said at this

time “I won’t hide it from you Bruce, but Mr. Wade came to see you just to let you get to know Mr. Wade in the future. If there is any need, you must give him enough convenience here.” Bruce Weinstein said with a smile, “

This It’s such a small thing, Mr. Sanchez, you can just say hello, so why bother coming over to meet me?”

Gustavo smiled and said, “To make friends, of course you have to meet first.”

Then, he said to Bruce Wei Weinstein said, “By the way, Bruce, this good friend of mine is a very amazing miracle doctor. He is good at treating any disease. No matter what problem you have in your body, he can help you.” Bruce Weinstein looked at 

charlie , snorted, “I didn’t realize that Mr. Wade was so young, but he was actually a miracle doctor. I wonder which medical school Mr. Wade graduated from?”

charlie waved his hand, “I am not from an academic background, I have been studying the ancestral traditions of my family since I was a child. Acupuncture therapy, I am best at treating men’s problems. Not strong enough, not hard enough, not long enough, not soft enough are all my areas of expertise.”

Bruce Weinstein couldn’t bear to leave

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