The Amazing Son In Law Chapter 6278

Although Cass was worried, he did not dare to step forward to ask what happened. Seeing that charlie left with Gustavo just now and then came back together, it didn’t seem like they were If there were any conflicts or dangers, he mustered up the courage to step forward and ask.

charlie thought he was quite clever, so he smiled and said, “Lucas, starting from today, Gustavo will move to my cell. Are you interested in moving here together?” Lucas heard this

. Shocked, he couldn’t understand why the famous Gustavo took the initiative to move to charlie’s cell.

After all, the conditions of the cell where Gustavo now lives are among the best in the entire prison. Only a fool would give up such good conditions to live in an ordinary cell.

However, when faced with charlie’s invitation, he was very excited and readily agreed, saying repeatedly, “Sir, if you think highly of me, I will move in with you!”

In Lucas’s view, a big man like Gustavo It’s something I can’t usually come into contact with if I want to. Now that I have such an opportunity to live in the same cell with him, it might also be an opportunity in my life.

What’s more, charlie, a young man with an oriental face, also gave him a great sense of mystery. He vaguely felt that charlie’s background must be very big, even so big that he couldn’t even guess it. He could get closer to charlie. That would be even better.

charlie searched the nearby crowd with his eyes, and soon saw Dean, his cellmate, who was quietly looking at him in a small group of people.

Ever since charlie took the initiative to find Joseph and Gustavo, Dean had been quietly paying attention to every move in Ye City. He saw him chatting and laughing with the bosses of the first and second prison districts, and even The two of them were still a little submissive to him, and Dean was even more shocked. At the same time, he was increasingly afraid of his own death-seeking behavior today.

He couldn’t help but tremblingly thinking to himself, “Damn it, people say tiger’s buttI can’t touch it. I’m just a f*cking teddy dog. I’m so blind. I want to play with a tiger’s ass… God bless you for not tearing off my head and stuffing it into the toilet today. …”

As he spoke, he couldn’t help but close his eyes, make a sign of the cross from his eyebrows to his chest, and from his left shoulder to his right shoulder, and said piously, “God bless… Amen…”

charlie saw him closing his eyes and praying, Then he shouted loudly, “Dean, come here!” “

Dean trembled, and he didn’t care to continue praying. He hurriedly ran all the way to charlie and asked respectfully, “Mr. Wade, what are your orders? “

charlie said calmly, “You are responsible for picking two losers with broken arms and legs from the dormitory, and they will change dormitories with Gustavo and Lucas. The two of them will be our roommates from now on. “

What? ” ! Dean was frightened, glanced at Gustavo like lightning, and then asked nervously, “Mr. Wade… is everything you said true?”

Seeing him whining, Gustavo said with some dissatisfaction, “Are you f*cking deaf? ” Do you still want Mr. Wade to say it twice? “

Dean was so frightened that he trembled and said, “No… no… I… I didn’t mean that…”

charlie glared at Gustavo and reprimanded, “Gustavo, you have to figure yourself out. In my cell, there are only two classes, one class is me, and the other class is everyone else except me. From now on, you can only obey my orders, and you are not qualified to manage or reprimand others of the same class as you. People, do you understand? “

Gustavo wanted to be a B*tch, but he didn’t expect charlie to look down on him, so he hurriedly promised, “Don’t worry, Mr. Wade, I will never make similar mistakes again!” “

charlie said coldly, “You said it wrong again. It’s not that you won’t make similar mistakes again, but that you won’t make any mistakes again. Otherwise, I can’t forgive you! “

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