The Amazing Son In Law Chapter 6279

With Gustavo’s face, Lucas quickly packed up his personal belongings and moved to charlie’s cell when the break was about to end.

When Gustavo came to charlie’s cell, the first thing he blurted out was, “Damn it, Mr. Wade why is your cell so clean?”

All the inmates couldn’t help but look at each other, recalling the pain of cleaning today, Each one is still vivid in my mind.

charlie smiled slightly at this time and said, “In this cell, hygiene is the most important assessment indicator. I don’t care whether they came in because of burning, killing, looting, or because of S*xual assault and fraud. In this cell, , If anyone dares to do any unhygienic behavior, I will make him pay with blood.”

After saying that, charlie looked at Gustavo and said seriously, “The same goes for you.”

Gustavo didn’t dare to do it . If there was any disobedience, he hurriedly promised, “Don’t worry, Mr. Wade I will strictly implement all your instructions!”

For Gustavo, if he wants to survive now, he has to rely on charlie. In this case, he dare not give in to charlie. There was half a show of pretense in front of me.

Seeing that charlie’s cell was clean and shabby, he immediately said to charlie diligently, “Mr. Wade I spent at least two hundred thousand dollars on Bruce Weinstein tonight, yes. This is This guy owes me a favor. If you need anything, just ask him, but he will not dare to say another word!”

charlie asked curiously, “Do you want two hundred thousand dollars for the two Miss Worlds tonight? ?” 

Gustavo said in pain, “Both of them came here by plane. Each one costs tens of thousands of dollars a night, and the room costs tens of thousands of dollars, plus first class. For cabin tickets and the like, two hundred thousand dollars is a conservative estimate.”

As he spoke, Gustavo cursed and said, “Bruce Weinstein is actually a small character, but we just happened to fall within his jurisdiction. His rank is not worthy of enjoying such high-end services. He got lucky tonight.”

charlie said with a smile, “I don’t think so. Although beautiful women are very expensive, there is a chance that they will not be able to afford it. “

Really?” Gustavo asked curiously, “Mr. Wade why do you say that?”

charlie looked at Gustavo and said with a smile, “It won’t be long before Bruce Weinstein will encounter the most difficult thing in his life.” On the darkest night, he would be like a headless fly running into walls all over New York, and finally he would have no choice but to ask me for help.”

Gustavo asked in confusion, “He went to play with two women, what else could he do? Do I need your help?”

charlie pretended to be mysterious and smiled, “You’ll find out later.”<br>

After saying that, charlie came to his bed and lay down. He took out his mobile phone and turned it on. He told Arman about his general situation on WeChat, and then began to wait patiently for the warden Bruce Wayne. Stan’s call.

At this time, Bruce Weinstein had just arrived at the Aman Hotel in downtown New York.

This is the center of Manhattan and the most expensive hotel in New York.

What Gustavo has reserved here tonight is the most expensive presidential suite in the entire hotel. The room rate for one night is tens of thousands of dollars.

Originally, Gustavo planned to indulge himself here tonight, but he didn’t expect that all this would come at the expense of Bruce Weinstein.

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