The Amazing Son In Law Chapter 6280

When Bruce Weinstein arrived at the hotel, Gustavo’s staff had already received the news in advance and were waiting here. When they saw him coming, they respectfully sent him to the presidential suite on the top floor.

And the two Miss Worlds who flew all the way from Latin America have been waiting here for a long time.

Both of them were dressed in very explicit S*xy costumes. One played the role of a maid who obeyed her master, while the other played the role of a submissive and manipulated female prisoner.

The moment Bruce Weinstein entered the door, the two people immediately surrounded him. The maid said in a charming voice, “Dear master, you are back!” The female prisoner said with a slightly nervous voice, “Dear master, you are back!

” …Master Warden…you…you are back…”

The performance of the two men immediately made Bruce Weinstein’s blood surge. Although he is also a well-informed love veteran, he has never experienced it in such a high-quality scene.

At this time, the two beauties in front of him were unparalleled, and the presidential suite they were in was extremely luxurious. Coupled with the two beauties’ careful dressing and seductive charm, he immediately had a strong impulse.

This impulse didn’t matter, he immediately felt as if his body was suddenly activated, and his fighting spirit immediately became high.

At this time, the two beauties also came forward, one on the left and the other on the right. One took off Bruce Weinstein’s coat, while the other helped him unbuckle his belt.

Their movements were full of provocation, and their eyes were full of electricity, which made Bruce Weinstein’s whole body tingle with excitement as if he had been electrified.

He can no longer

Unable to hold back, he took off all his clothes in three quick strokes. His majestic appearance made the two beauties who had seen a lot and eaten a lot amazed. .

Bruce Weinstein was also shocked that he was in far better than usual condition today.

It is said that the only person who knows a person best is himself, and Bruce Weinstein is no exception. He clearly knows where his shortcomings are. The main reason is that he is a little older, and his ability in that area is greatly reduced, just like It’s not that an old car cannot start, it’s just that it’s troublesome to start. The aging starter motor has a loose belt, so it takes some effort to ignite it, and it’s not possible to step on the accelerator immediately after igniting it. When accelerating or starting a cold car, you need to stop where you are and slowly keep the engine running. After the water temperature slowly rises and the engine oil is lubricated, you can actually start it in gear.

However, today’s situation is completely different.

Today, he felt like he had been upgraded from a dilapidated old car to a top-notch new energy source. Before, it was difficult to ignite and he had to heat the car in place. Now he has skipped the ignition step and simply turned on the car. You can kick out a thousand horses of super power with just one foot, and it can accelerate from 0 to 100 hp in less than a second!

Bruce Weinstein also knew that this was obviously not the strength he should have. Even when he was eighteen years old, he did not have such surging motivation.

However, there were two hot and S*xy beauties waiting for him to have fun, so he didn’t think much about it. He put his arms around the two women and asked them with a smile, “Beauties, where is the biggest bedroom? Take me with you.” Come over here!”

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