The Amazing Son In Law Chapter 6283

After that, he threw the phone aside. , looked at Camilla and the other girl, and blurted out, “Quickly, help me get dressed and drive me to Manhattan Hospital!”

Camilla subconsciously said, “Warden, you… your current situation, I’m afraid I can’t put on my pants anymore…”

Bruce Weinstein glanced down, feeling desperate inside.

With the posture in front of me, it was impossible to put on pants, unless I directly bought a pair of overalls.

Camilla had an idea at this moment and said quickly, “Warden, how about I get you a bathrobe!”

“Okay!” Bruce Weinstein agreed without hesitation and blurted out, “Go quickly, hurry up Go get it for me!”

A few minutes later, two Miss Worlds wearing sunglasses and masks, one on the left and one on the right, struggled to support Bruce Weinstein, who was hastily wrapped in a bathrobe, and the three of them hurriedly walked out of the room.

Bruce Weinstein’s severe pain at the moment had no relief, and he had to walk, so every time he opened his legs, he would feel unprecedented torture, as if countless needles were desperately piercing him.

But he also knew very well that in this situation, no matter how painful it was, he had to endure it, and he must not be pretentious. Otherwise, he would most likely faint here due to the continuous severe pain. If he lost consciousness, these two women would Try not to take responsibility or anger Gustavo, and you will definitely call 911 to find emergency personnel as soon as possible. In that case, even if you barely save your dog’s life, you will have no shame in staying in the United States in the future.

At this moment, Bruce Weinstein burst out with unprecedented strong willpower, endured the severe pain, and came to the underground garage with the two Miss Worlds.

Camila got into Bruce Weinstein’s car and drove to Manhattan Hospital under his direction.

Ten minutes later, the car finally stopped in front of Manhattan Hospital.

Bruce Weinstein’s good friend Mark was also ready at this time, pushing a wheelchair alone and waiting at the door.

Seeing Bruce Weinstein’s car approaching, he hurriedly pushed his wheelchair and ran over to open the door.

At this moment, Bruce Weinstein was curled up on the passenger seat, twitching violently in pain and retching. Mark didn’t expect the situation to be so serious, so he quickly took him out of the passenger seat.

He saw the outline of Bruce Weinstein through the bathrobe and was stunned for a moment. He subconsciously asked, “Bruce, are you sure this is not a prank?”

Bruce Weinstein broke down and shouted, “Mark, today It’s not April Fool’s Day, and I’m not in the mood to play a prank on you with my little brother. For God’s sake, can you take me to the hospital and find a treatment room to treat me?” Mark came back to his senses

. Come on, he quickly said, “Bruce, I didn’t mean that, I just think… I just think this is too scary…”

As he said that, he quickly pushed the wheelchair and ran towards the inside of the hospital.

Three minutes later, when Mark actually saw Bruce Weinstein’s injured area, he felt as if he had seen a ghost and muttered, “This… this is impossible to save…” Bruce

Weinstein He blurted out, “Are you F*cking guaranteed? You said you couldn’t keep it, but you are guaranteed!

” Looking at the weirdly high value, he couldn’t help but say, “With your blood pressure so high, did you secretly install a pump somewhere in your body and send all the blood there?” Bruce

Wei Enstein said angrily, “I’m not here to listen to your talk show, Mark! Do something!”

Mark wiped his cold sweat, took out some prepared injections, and said, “I’ll inject you with some relief drugs first.” Is it effective? I’ll do an angiogram on you later to see if any part of the body has formed a blood clot.”

As he said that, he opened the injection pillow and tentatively asked Bruce Weinstein, “Can you bear the injection?”

Bruce Weinstein kicked his feet hard on the ground and said hurriedly, “You are inserting needles every second, so hurry up!” Mark

nodded and quickly injected him with several potions. Unexpectedly, Bruce Weinstein ·Weinstein’s whole body was in pain with veins popping out, as if an alien would burst out of his stomach in the next second.

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