Gu Lingfei: Married at First Sight Novel Chapter 1385 | [Serenity & Zachary]

Chapter 1385


Sonny came running in his gym uniform.

“Sonny, you’re back.”

With a smile, Liberty went up and picked her son up.

“How was it? Do you feel tired? Did you cry?”

Sonny shook his head. “I didn’t cry, but I do feel tired.”

“Oh, you’re tired. Let me kiss your tiredness away. You must stick to the classes.” Liberty was concerned that her son could not keep up with the workout. She gave her son a kiss and reminded him to hang on so as not to disappoint Zachary after all he did for Sonny.

Sonny was exhausted and tempted to quit, but his uncle’s words were imprinted in his mind. By taking up the art of self-defense, he no longer had to be afraid of bad guys. He could also protect his mother.

He wanted to be the manly man and shield his mom from all harm.

Sonny gave a firm nod. “I will stick to the class, Mom.”

Jim entered the diner too.

“Ms. Hunt.”

He said hello to Liberty.

“Thank you, Jim.”

Jim smiled. “Don’t mention it, Ms. Hunt.”

It was his duty to drop off and pick up Sonny from the lessons.

Seeing that Hank and his wife were in the diner, Jim’s internal alarm bells were ringing. He could report back to duty with Mr. Zachary after sending Sonny back, but now he was no longer in a rush to leave-he had to keep an eye on Hank and Jessica.


Hank got up and approached the boy.

He smiled and put his hands out toward his son. “Come and give me a hug, Sonny.”

Liberty put her son down.

Hank then scooped Sonny in his arms.

“Are you here to see me, Dad? I went to a class today, and William taught me how to fight. I took the lesson seriously, but it was so tiring.”

It tickled Hank that the little man acted like a mini adult.

The fact that his son loved to cry was the only thing that stuck in his mind in the past. Sonny’s cries annoyed Hank.

Oh, Sonny used to throw his toys around the house too.

Now that his son was getting older and more sensible, Hank finally saw the cuteness and wit in Sonny. He had thoughts of getting Sonny’s custody now.

On second thought, Hank gave up on the idea.

Sonny would benefit a lot from Serenity and her husband if Sonny was left with Liberty. Hank bet that Serenity and her husband would not give a lot to Sonny should Hank have custody of the boy. It was not worthwhile.

Although Liberty got full custody of Sonny, Hank would always remain Sonny’s father.

This would never change.

The bond between father and son would not go so long as Hank came often to spend time with Sonny. Sonny would not forget his father when he was all grown up and made it big in the world.

Hank complimented Sonny.

Jessica came over to play with Sonny.

Nevertheless, Sonny merely glanced at Jessica without saying a word to her.

The little guy had no idea why his parents were separated, but he did not like Jessica. Although the lady may be nice and kind to him, Sonny could not take to her. He had a feeling that her kindness was fake.

She got nothing on scary Dunc.

Dunc looked mean but had the kindest heart.

“Sonny, I’m about to have a wedding with Jessica. Can you be our flower boy?” Hank asked.

Confused, Sonny asked, “What’s a flower boy, Dad?”

Hank explained to Sonny.

Sonny turned to his mother and asked, “Can I be Dad’s flower boy, Mom?”


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