Married at First Sight Chapter 2327 by desirenovel

Novel Married at First Sight Chapter 2327 by desirenovel-Evan’s handsome face twitched.

After Grandma May finished reading the painting, she returned the small painting to Evan.

Evan: “grandma.”

Grandma May raised her hand to signal him that needless to say, she said, “You are the one who is dreaming, and you are the one who has doubts. It is you who should find out the reason. What is the use of asking grandma? Grandma is not a fairy, she knows everything.”

Evan said with a bitter face: “However, grandma, you helped me choose the candidate, and gave me all the photos. I will go after my wife at any time, but the one you chose for me is the one who is entangled in my dreams. Women are not the same person.

Men in our York family don’t divorce and don’t know how to keep mistresses. I don’t want to be the first man in the York family to feel sorry for the wife.”

Grandma May still had the attitude that had nothing to do with it, she said: “I said, this is your business, you go to find out, find out the problem, you will dream, because I have chosen a wife for you, then you go to find her.”

Evan: “grandma!”

Evan sat down next to Grandma May, and coquettishly took her’s arm, “Grandma, do you no longer love me? You always said that your favorite grandson is me, and you are willing to let your favorite grandson…Will he be the first man in the York family to feel sorry for his wife?”

“You must have heard it wrong. My favorite grandson has always been your oldest brother Zack. He is my favorite grandson. You guys, let your oldest brother stand aside. I said it, but you just forgot.”

Evan saw that acting like a baby was useless, so he changed into pitiful.

Evan: “Grandma, you have pity on me. If I do something like that in the future, my mother and my aunt will never forgive me.”

Grandma May replied: “Don’t worry, grandma won’t sit idly by.”

Evan: “When I was beaten by my mother, grandma, will you save me?”

Grandma May said solemnly: “I have said that I will not sit idly by and run away. If I don’t see you being beaten by your mother, what else do I care?”

Evan: “Grandma, you’re so eccentric. If there is something wrong with oldest brother, you can run faster than a rabbit. If I have something to do, you will not care about it.”

Grandma May smiled and said: “That’s natural. What’s the matter with your oldest brother? I came to watch the show. You don’t know how cool it is to watch your oldest brother slap your face. Why do you want Grandma to watch as you get slapped in the face?”

Evan: “…”

He slandered in his heart, did grandma see too few jokes about their brothers?

Other people’s grandmas were always nervous and stressed when their grandsons were in trouble. Their grandmas only watched dramas, and sometimes they even made trouble. Kiss grandma!

Evan: “Grandma, can you help me change a wife?”

Grandma May: “Yes, the premise is that you have to have a wife. You are now a man and don’t even have a girlfriend. Even if grandma has supernatural skills, she can’t help you change a wife.”

Evan choked again.

These people were all elites outside, and they were big businessmen.

But in front of grandma, they couldn’t even quarrel.

Evan said: “Grandma, I said the wrong thing. What I mean is, can you help me choose a wife? The girl you chose for me is not the one in my dream. I thought, me and the girl in my dream That woman is entangled endlessly, there must be emotional disputes.

Since there will be emotional disputes with that girl in the future, it’s better to marry her from the beginning, so as not to hurt the good girl you chose for me. My brothers and I believe in your vision, grandma. The wives you chose for us must be excellent in all aspects. Such an excellent girl, it’s better not to be hurt by a sc*mbag like me.”

In order to get his grandma to spare him, Evan even labeled himself a sc*mbag without blinking his eyes.


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