Married at First Sight Chapter 2328 by desirenovel

Novel Married at First Sight Chapter 2328 by desirenovel-Grandma May was unmoved, she said: “Evan, you can ask your third brother, Kevin, for a reference.”

Evan: “…Grandma, I really didn’t want to escape. You’re only thinking about our brothers. How could I escape? I really had a dream for a while, every night I entangled with the girl in the painting. “

He could swear to God that what he said was true.

Dreaming was real.

It was true that he wanted grandma to spare him.

Grandma May: “Grandma still said the same thing. Before deciding on the candidate, grandma did a lot of research. She is suitable for you, and grandma will help you set a goal. You haven’t met her in real life, and you haven’t got to know her. How do you know that she is not good? suits you?

Well, if you can find the girl of your dreams, you can give up the goal grandma set for you, and grandma won’t blame you.”

Evan: “…the sea of people is vast, where can I find them?”

He used this incident to persuade Grandma to take back his goal so that he could be free, marry if he wanted to, and stay single for the rest of his life if he didn’t.

The York family was prosperous, and he was not needed to carry on the family line. Without him, there were eight brothers who could marry wives and have children, ensuring the inheritance of the York family’s incense.

Grandma May: “Julian can meet Kiera in the vast crowd. He is more difficult than you. As long as there is a destiny, you will meet. If there is no destiny, you will not recognize her in front of you.”

Evan was speechless again. After a long while, he murmured: “Young Master Bucham has a master’s advice, but I don’t have a master’s advice.”

Grandma May: “This is the only way to be challenging. If you know everything in advance, how can there be any surprises?”

Evan curled his lips and stopped talking.

It seemed that grandma would not let him be free, insisting that he realized the goals set by grandma.

Grandma May: “Your third brother will get engaged soon, Evan, you have to work hard. I’m getting older and living a day-to-day life. I hope to see all nine of your brothers get married. In this way, I have the face to reunite with your grandpa.”

“The ones behind Rowan are still young.”

Now Evan envied Rowan the most.

Rowan was still a student, a minor, and grandma would not have Rowan’s idea of anyone.

Alas, why do men have to marry wives when they grow up?

Can’t they live by themself?

Evan resisted in his heart to pursue a strange girl.

But he knew he couldn’t escape.

Who told the grandma at their brother’s booth to be too shrewd.

Even the oldest brother couldn’t find grandma’s choice easily, they were not as good as the oldest brother, how could they find easily?

Grandma may: “Are you envious of the old nine? If you have the ability, go back to your old age and become a child of a few years old. Grandma promises not to set goals for you. Oh, it’s not impossible. You can set goals from an early age and develop them from an early age.”

Evan: “…Grandma, I’m only twenty-eight years old, can’t I say I’m old?”

Grandma may: “Many people are the father of two children at the age of twenty-eight. Are you still old?”

Evan shut up.


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