Married at First Sight Chapter 2331 by desirenovel

Novel Married at First Sight Chapter 2331 by desirenovel-Zachary asked him: “What did grandma say?”

“Grandma said, let me verify it myself, anyway, grandma doesn’t care.” Evan muttered, “I don’t even know if I am grandma’s own grandson. She wants me to be the first divorced man in the York family.

Grandma must be itching for a cane and wants to beat someone up. We are too sensible and filial. She can’t find an excuse if she wants to beat us up. Deliberately pushed me to the path of the sc*mbag, with an excuse to beat me to pieces.”

Zachary laughed, and he said with a smile: “Grandma heard what you said, and grandma can beat you to pieces now “

Evan: “That’s what it is.”

Zachary said: “You won’t overlap the goal grandma set for you with the woman in your dream?”

“Why overlap? They look different.” Evan muttered.

Zachary said: “It’s not impossible. The second young lady of Johnson’s family in Annenburg, you can refer to her skills. You can also learn about human skin masks.”

What was the identity of the wife candidate, but he believed that grandma’s vision must have chosen the one suitable for Evan.

Girls without any skills couldn’t get into grandma’s eyes.

Maybe Serenity was the most ordinary. The Serenity that grandma chose for Zachary was a growth type, and he needed to grow up with Serenity.

Thinking of grandma’s trust in that master, Zachary felt that grandma would choose Serenity for him, just like Patriarch Bucham, who only wanted his son Julian to get married instead of being a bachelor for the rest of his life.

The master said that he and Serenity had been married for a lifetime, and grandma forced him to marry Serenity regardless.

Everything else was secondary.

Of course, now his family was getting better and better. Serenity was very tolerant, and she would definitely get along with those noble sisters-in-law in the future.

Evan: “…Brother, what do you mean, the girl in my dream is very likely to be the goal grandma set for me?”

Zachary: “If you want to investigate clearly, you have to get in touch with her at close range and in-depth contact to find out more unknown things. Evan, the goal grandma set for you is actually a book. The content in the book is not exciting, you have to read it to find out.”

“Thank you, brother, for your suggestion.” Evan felt that what his brother said made sense, so he was not so depressed.

“Your sister-in-law should be awake. I’ll go upstairs and have a look.” Zachary looked at the time and saw that it was time for his beloved wife to wake up, so he tore off the apron, hung it behind the door, and brought the breakfast and placed it on the dining table.

At this time, Grandma May changed her clothes and wandered in.

Zachary: “Grandma, I’ve made breakfast, you eat first, I’ll go upstairs to see if Serenity is awake, after breakfast, I’ll accompany her to try on the wedding dress.”

Grandma May hummed, and then said to him: “I’m only trying on the wedding dress now, if it doesn’t fit, how can I have time to modify it?”

Zachary said helplessly: “The wedding has been brought forward, so time is tight. There should be no need to modify it, Seren hasn’t shown her bosom yet.”

A master designer was invited to tailor Serenity’s wedding dress, and the size was just right for her.

Although she was pregnant, since she had just conceived and had not yet shown her pregnancy and the wedding was ahead of schedule, there should be no need to change the wedding dress.

“That’s right, you go upstairs to see Serenity, she’s going to vomit again when she wakes up.”

Grandma May felt sorry for her first great-grandson who tormented Serenity like that.

Hope was a great granddaughter.

This hope was not great, but everyone in the York family was looking forward to it.


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