My Rich Wife – Chapter 2629

Chapter 2629: Exposing All of His Trump Cards

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A blade and a fist collided at the same time.

The collision of these two forces produced a magnificent feeling like fireworks.

When the dust settled, the two of them had already separated.

A satisfied smile appeared on Ju Wuwei’s face.

“You’re really strong. I’m far inferior to you. However, to be able to slash out this blade, I have no regrets in dying.”

A terrifying bloody hole appeared in his abdomen.

His entire internal qi was rapidly decreasing. He gently threw the blade away.

The Tiger Wing was inserted into the ground as he turned to Qin Yu and smiled.

“Take this Tiger Wing for me, and let me witness the talents of this Saint Kingdom for myself.”

As he said this, he fell heavily to the ground and completely lost his internal qi.

“Rest in peace.”

Ming Xie smiled and coughed.

A tearing feeling instantly surged into his divine soul.

Although he had the advantage in terms of the toughness of his body, the terrifying force of the collision with Ju Wuwei, who had eaten the Explosive Blood Pill, still caused him to be heavily injured.

He raised his head and looked at the others. His expression returned to its cold and indifferent state.

In this short clash, Xiao Yunfei, Ju Wuwei, and Li Yue, the strongest of the three outsiders, had completely lost their battle prowess.

He tapped his feet. Although his speed had slowed down a little, he was still extremely fast.

In less than five seconds, he had already sprinted twenty meters.

Then, he raised his hand and slashed down. The head of the outsider standing next to him flew off.

The mysterious items in their hands didn’t react.

Clang! Clang! Clang!

Qin Yu had already returned from his intangible state. He shot out three arrows with 50% of his strength.

Three sparks exploded around Ming Xie, but he didn’t dodge.

With another flash, he killed another outsider.

“Although I’m injured, this power still can’t pose a threat to me.” Ming Xie’s body was like a leaf, but he didn’t take Qin Yu’s energy arrow head-on.

“Everyone, use whatever methods you have, or you’ll all die!”

The voice this time should be the owner of the Communication Snail.

Seeing that Ming Xie had killed three more people in less than five seconds, she was extremely anxious.

However, this ear could only contact everyone and not provide combat support.

Qin Yu didn’t hold back. He had his eyes locked on Ming Xie’s body.

However, his speed was simply too fast. If it wasn’t for the fact that he was too arrogant and wanted to test Qin Yu’s Sun Chasing Bow’s limit, Qin Yu suspected that he would have been able to avoid the attack head-on.

He took a deep breath and shot three arrows with 70% of his strength. Three beams of fiery light burst out again, and Ming Xie slightly tilted his body.

He dodged two of the arrows and then met the last arrow with his blade.

The Vajra Saber he picked up was completely broken into two, but this seemed to be within his expectations.

With a move of his hands, the Vajra Saber was stabbed into the throat of another outsider.


A talisman floated towards Ming Xie.

As the power of the talisman surged, Ming Xie accelerated again.

It didn’t even want to dodge the energy shockwave that erupted.

Then, the person who threw the talisman was killed by him again.


An ancient bronze door suddenly expanded in the air.

The two bronze lions in the main gate suddenly opened their round eyes, and the bronze gate smashed down.

“Too slow!”

Ming Xie shook his head, and he disappeared from his original position.

However, almost simultaneously, his body abruptly halted.

He squinted his eyes and looked at a young man not far away, who had never before made a move. In his hand, the young man held a palm-sized gourd. The mouth of the gourd had already been uncovered, emitting a faint light at this moment.

Immortal Slaying! Flying Blade!

A bright blade light shot out from the mouth of the gourd. Inside the gourd was a flying blade.

The flying blade’s speed was extremely fast. Qin Yu’s Nine Heavens Manifestations Gaze only caught an afterimage.

Qin Yu was somewhat astonished. The Immortals Slaying Flying Blade was a well-known celestial artifact recorded in ancient texts.

This was crafted by Daoist Lu Ya in ancient times. Everyone slain by this Dharma Treasure was a renowned top-notch martial artist.

However, this Dharma Treasure completely disappeared from the mortal realm later on. Qin Yu did not expect it to surface in the Dao Mystical Saint Kingdom.

Then, the flying blade directly slashed at Ming Xie’s body, while the ancient bronze gate behind him also descended, pressing down on him.

Qin Yu took advantage of this moment to draw the bowstring to 70%.

Another arrow of light shot out but at the moment of release, a surge of holy power enveloped his entire arm.


In an instant, Qin Yu drew the bow again. This time, he pulled it to its limit, eighty percent of the Sun Chasing Bow’s power.


His skin was suddenly torn apart, and blood gushed out from the ruptured blood vessels.

As he released his fingers, the Sun Chasing Bow’s ultimate arrow erupted again, colliding with the previous energy arrow.

With the explosion of energy, the first arrow accelerated once more.

The attack even changed its angle, striking Ming Xie from a more cunning direction.

The Twin Star Flash Explosion.

This was the technique he had spent the most time practicing within the Time Rubik’s Cube.

The combination of the two arrows could far surpass either one alone.

However, the speed and angle of the dual arrows needed to be extremely precise.

Even with Qin Yu’s Nine Heavens Manifestations Gaze, it took nearly nine months to stabilize the success rate at around 60%.

“Interesting. ”

Ming Xie nodded, and a surge of dao power emanated from his sea of consciousness.

In the blink of an eye, the power of the Prelude’s Prognostication was once

again invoked.

“He’s here! The power of the Heart of the Saint Kingdom!”

Qin Yu instantly locked onto this power. He stared at Ming Xie, observing the ancient bronze door, the Immortal Slaying Flying Blade, and his most powerful Twin Star Flash Explosion.

He feared that Ming Xie would use this power again, so the speed and angle of the Twin Star Flash Explosion were altered.

“In the end, it’s an external force. It’s far inferior to Ju Wuwei’s blade.”

There were very few opponents who could powerful than him, including this joint attack.

Even though he wasn’t at his peak, he still didn’t take this joint attack lightly.

Ming Xie said with a smile. In an instant, the power was withdrawn again.

Eight Extremities Fist!

As the Immortal Slaying Flying Blade and the Twin Star Flash Explosion Arrow flashed, it had already shifted sideways in an instant.

The punch, with the terrain in mind, accurately smashed onto the Immortal Slaying Flying Blade. With the tremendous force of the collision, the Immortal Slaying Flying Blade was deflected.

Then, the flying blade unexpectedly collided with Qin Yu’s energy arrow..

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