The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 6213

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 6213-Lady Jacinth extended her arms. Then, she began absorbing the Genesis Power and soul fragments left on the battlefield below.

Her body glowed with a brighter purplish-pink light which indicated that her powers had improved considerably.

Just then, two distinct black and white masses of gas gathered in the sky above her. Slowly, a Tai Chi diagram was formed.

“Yin governor, those two could hold a conversation just fine. Can’t the two of us have a chat as well?” Tai Chi’s voice echoed through the air.

Lady Jacinth scoffed. “Get lost! Don’t blame me if you end up getting a beating from me!”

Tai Chi let out a deep sigh. “You don’t have to go through the Heavenly Tribulations. However, it is already impossible for you to achieve the Daelcon Rank in the collapsed Tai Chi World.”

Lady Jacinth scrunched her nose.

She lifted her hand and used her powers to move all the excrement found in all the worlds in the vicinity toward the Tai Chi diagram floating above her.

In a flash, the excrement was taken in by the moving flow of the black and white gases.

“You! How dare you!” Tai Chi bellowed furiously.

“Hahaha!” Lady Jacinth laughed hysterically. “If you won’t stop nagging, I’ll fill all of the temples worshipping you with dung. I can still do that much even though I am not powerful enough to kill you yet.”

“You’re hopelessly stubborn!” Tai Chi raged, “If you insist on doing this, then I won’t hesitate to retaliate!

“I can’t do you much harm since you don’t seem to harbor any great ambitions or major concerns. However, there is someone that you care about.

“I will make him suffer every trial and tribulation. I’ll wipe out his existence.”

Lady Jacinth frowned. She raised her hand and conjured millions of purplishpink hands reaching for the Tai Chi diagram.

Loud explosions went off as the hands struck the diagram.

“Just you wait!” Tai Chi’s voice reverberated through the space as the Tai Chi diagram slowly faded and disappeared.

“Someone that I care about?” Lady Jacinth snorted. Ì only care about how I am going to give you the most painful end.”

At that moment, Lady Jacinth detected three threatening auras approaching quickly.

“I merely took a few pills from them, yet those three elders just won’t give up…”

Lady Jacinth scoffed and teleported away, leaving only a trail of purplish-pink lights behind.

A few seconds later, two women and a man materialized in the area where Lady Jacinth stood.

“That evil wench must be punished!” One of the ladies said, “She stole my Grand Historial Pill!”

The middle-aged cultivator sighed. “She absorbed all the powers found in this area and enhanced her powers again.”

“It’ll be tough for US to catch her now.” The middle-aged lady cultivator responded, “She took all of our pills. She should be able to achieve the Daelcon Rank soon.”

“No. We must find her as soon as possible.” The other lady said firmly,”

Otherwise, chaos will befall our Genesis Worlds soon.”

She looked at her companions. “Are there any major events happening soon?”

The other beautiful lady replied, ‘Yes. Skynet’s young master is going to marry lustus Sect’s saintess soon.”

“Great.” The young lady nodded, “We’ll attend the occasion and look for her there. She wouldn’t miss out on an important event like this.”

“Yegor might not like this…” the man reminded the ladies.

“We should head over nonetheless.” The young lady said expressionlessly,” I believe Yegor won’t side with that wench.”

Then, those three cultivators teleported and vanished from the spot.

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