The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 6214

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 6214-The marriage between Skynet’s young master and the lustus Sect’s saintess was big news for people living in the different Genesis Worlds.

Various groups and forces began devising plans to gain as many benefits as they could out of this union.

On the other hand, James had also made several arrangements.

He stationed Yancy and the Behaterm Sect’s army at the Xyndaros Genesis World. Also, he had Wylie and the Sanctum Sect’s members remain on the Sanctum Genesis World.

They would not face any major threats during this period of ceasefire.

However, the Xyndaros Genesis World and the Sanctum Genesis World provided a path that connected Skynet, the lustus Sect, and the Forladtt Land.

Moreover, those two Genesis Worlds were of great importance to the Jademora Empire. Therefore, James was more cautious in issues relating to those Genesis Worlds.

Also, Yegor and Mattaniah had entrusted James with the task of holding Truett and Xitlaly’s wedding ceremony.

This was also an opportunity for James to enter Skynet and the Demon Dungeon.

James had the ladies help Xitlaly prepare for the wedding. Then, he and Truett made their way to Skynet’s headquarters.

Outside Skynet’s headquarters, James and Truett could see numerous cultivators from other sects and groups waiting anxiously. These people wanted to gather more information from Skynet but were not allowed entry.

“Look at the crowd.” James smiled. “Your wedding is bound to be the center of attention this time.”

“Who cares.” Truett pursed his lips. “That’s my dad’s business. It has nothing to do with US and the Jademora Empire.”

James was struck speechless by Truett’s words.

He could already imagine Yegor swinging his whip if Yegor had heard his son.

Truett directed his gaze at James. “We should head over to…”

James cut him off as he conjured the Yuraeceon Genesis Bell over him and Truett. Then, the bell flew in the direction of the Demon Dungeon.

At the same time, a Tai Chi diagram formed from the clouds floated high up in the sky.

“That bastard is trying to return to the Yin’s Void. I won’t let him!” The Yang governor barked.

He cast a blast of Historial Power, which enveloped the Yuraeceon Genesis Bell almost instantly.

“Master, it’s the Yang governor attacking US.” Lesia transmitted her voice to James.

“The Yang governor?” James frowned. ‘That guy hasn’t given up yet?”

“Didn’t you give him a critical hit back at the Forladtt Land?” Truett asked,” He came out of that place so quickly?!”

“We’ll need to defeat him first to head to our next destination.” James turned his eyes to Truett. “You should stay in my soul space for now.”

Truett flashed James an enigmatic smile. Then, he teleported out of the Yuraeceon Genesis Bell.

James shouted, ‘Truett, it’s too dangerous!”

Truett shot up into the sky and glared at the Tai Chi diagram. “Yang governor!

You dare attack US within the grounds of Skynet’s headquarters!”

The Yang governor snickered. “A middle-grade Yuraeceon Daelm Rank’s Ninth Tribulation cultivator like you dares speak to me in that tone. You must have a death wish.”

The Yang governor blasted his Historial Power, which took the form of a Tai Chi diagram, in Truett’s direction.


Truett swung his sword and destroyed the Yang governor’s attack by releasing a tremendous amount of sword energy.

“Ha! Interesting.” The Yang governor teleported and reappeared before Truett.

He seized Truett by the throat and lifted the man slightly.

Truett could not move a muscle as an overwhelming pressure came upon his body.

“Did you think I wouldn’t dare kill you just because we are within Skynet’s territory?” The Yang governor said in a monotonous voice, “As I’ve said, anyone who’s involved with James will face an excruciating end.”

Truett said in a steely voice, “Someone like you…”

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