The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 6215

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 6215-“You foolish brat!” The Yang governor tightened his grip on Truett’s neck.

Truett’s face flushed as he tried hard to breathe. The Yang governor could exterminate him at any moment.

Just then, the Yang governor shouted, “James Caden! Aren’t you the most loyal to your friends?!

“Your best friend is being punished in your stead. Are you going to continue hiding in that goddamn bell?!”

After saying that, the Yang governor trapped Truett inside a Tai Chi diagram and pushed him aside.

Within the Tai Chi diagram, Truett screamed in agony as countless lightning bolts produced from the Heavenly Tribulation struck him.

The Yuraeceon Genesis Bell shone brightly with a gray light at that moment.

The bell started spinning quickly, and it shot toward the Yang governor.

“You dare come at me like this? We’re no longer in the Forladtt Land, you fool!”

The Yang governor sent another blast of Historial Power.

The Yang governor’s attack struck the Yuraeceon Genesis Bell and sent it flying away.

A huge crack formed on the bell. A few seconds later, the Yuraeceon Genesis Bell transformed into a two-year-old toddler whose entire body was bright red.

The toddler stood in front of James.

“Lesia!” James called aloud.

Lesia spat out a mouthful of blood. She glared at the Yang governor.” Master, he broke the Law of Paths and tried to hurt a mortal being despite being the Yang governor.

“We wouldn’t be punished even if we were to kill him now.

“He only has powers of the Consummation Yuraeceon Daelm Rank’s Ninth Tribulation at most due to his injuries. We should try and take him down!”

James teleported and reemerged next to Lesia. “For Truett… And for our honor, we must defeat him.”

The Yang governor burst out laughing. “You? A cultivator who’s only achieved the peak of Yuraeceon Daelm Rank’s Eighth Tribulation wants to defeat me?

You’re delusional!”

The Yang governor cast a ball of Historial Power toward the Tai Chi diagram Truett was trapped inside.

Truett writhed in pain and shouted at the top of his voice almost instantaneously.

More tribulation clouds gathered above him.

James muttered in worry, “Truett…”

“You want to save him, right?” The Yang governor grinned mockingly. “Let’s talk about what happened back at the Forladtt Land first.”

James raged, “I’m the one you want to settle scores with. Release Truett first!”

“Sure.” The Yang governor nodded. “Get on your knees and bow to me.

Otherwise, I’ll exterminate your friend right away.”

James balled his fists.

In a flash, he sent a blast of the Amethyst Gold Power toward the Tai Chi diagram holding Truett.

As the purple gold energy struck the Tai Chi diagram, Truett screamed even louder. Yet, James’ attack did not even leave a scratch on the structure.

James’ eyes bulged in shock.

“Hahaha!” The Yang governor laughed contemptuously. “I’ll allow you some time. You can give your best and try to break the Tai Chi Tribulation Formation trapping your friend.”

“Don’t listen to him, Master!” Lesia warned, “The Tai Chi Tribulation Formation can absorb almost any form of energy. You’ll only hurt Truett if you cast your powers on the formation!”

James said bitingly, “Very well… we’ll just have to fight him.”

However, the Yang governor continued laughing. “You can fight me if you want.

Unfortunately, with your friend’s current powers and cultivation rank, he can only last a few more moments in that formation before being annihilated.”

James said through clenched teeth, “Why you…”

“Kneel and bow down.” The Yang governor bellowed, “I will keep my promise and release him afterward.”

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