The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 6216

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 6216-“You are absolutely despicable!” Lesia yelled furiously.

She transformed into a beam of red light and shot toward the Yang governor.


A huge, bloody hole was made at the center of the Yang governor’s body. He was caught completely off guard.

He had a look of rage and disbelief on his face. “I completely underestimated that bell spirit.”

As the beam of red light came at him again, the Yang governor threw a punch in its direction.

At that very moment, James teleported and fused with the red light. He unleashed the Ultimate Golden Body and took the Yang governor’s punch directly.

The force shoved James backward. His back slammed into the Tai Chi diagram trapping Truett. Then, all of them were sent flying far away.

“Hahaha!” The Yang governor stared at his opponents with scorn. “All of you are weaklings! Who cares about the Law of Paths? The strongest always win! Now, kneel!”

The Yang governor lifted his hand.

A gigantic hand appeared above James. As it slowly moved downward, an overwhelming amount of pressure came upon James, causing him to bend forward slightly.

“James, you mustn’t kneel!” Truett called out loudly.

With Lesia’s powers helping him, James unleashed all his powers and managed to straighten himself again.

The Yang governor barked, “Kneel!”

The pressure pushing onto James grew exponentially. He coughed up some blood as his Genesis Divine Light was crushed.

James dropped to the ground on one knee the next instant.

“Excellent!” The Yang governor’s smile broadened. “Still, this is not enough.

I want you to kneel on both knees.”

He channeled his powers to the huge hand and increased the pressure coming down on James considerably.

“You want me to kneel before you? Dream on.” James curled his lips.

A powerful black-and-white energy emanated from James as he pushed himself up from the ground.

“Why you… Kneel!” The Yang governor fumed.

He cast a tremendous amount of Historial Power onto James.

Part of his powers was absorbed into James’ Ultimate Golden Body. The rest of it pushed James onto the ground on one knee again.

“Ah!” James shouted and got up again. His legs were shaking as he tried his best to push back against the immense force coming onto him.

The Yang governor snickered, “You’re a persistent guy, but that won’t be enough. If I insist on making you kneel, you won’t even be able to kill yourself and avoid it no matter what.”

He waved his hand. Two crescent-shaped sword energies glowing with black and white lights sliced across James’ knees.

James’ legs gave out, and he got down on one knee again.

“Hahaha! That’s more like it!” The Yang governor laughed.

Truett was washed over by a sense of despair as he watched James being tortured. He let out a loud cry at that moment.

Simultaneously, the pendant Truett was wearing shone with a blinding light.

An overwhelming amount of energy surrounded Truett’s body in a matter of seconds.

As Truett extended his arms, the energy shot outward and shattered the Tai Chi diagram keeping him in.

Truett flew toward the gigantic hand floating above James at once.


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