The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 6217

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 6217-The Yang governor had a look of bewilderment on his face. “That’s impossible!

How is he able to unleash the Tirta Power?!”

On the other hand, Truett used the fragment of Tirta Power to push the gigantic hand aside.

James immediately straightened his back and conjured a huge, golden evil spirit. The evil spirit rushed toward the Yang governor.

Meanwhile, James teleported toward the gigantic hand and threw a punch at it.

With Truett’s powers, both of them managed to destroy that huge hand.

At the same time, James’ evil spirit was already fighting the Yang governor.

Not only did the evil spirit possess the powers of a Yuraeceon Daelm Rank’s Ninth Tribulation cultivator at their peak, but it was also fused with Hemera and Fennec.

The evil spirit’s punches even contained powers of the Historial Great Curse.

Even the Yang governor was wary of its attacks.

As soon as the gigantic hand shattered and fell apart, James and Truett shot toward the Yang governor immediately.

With the fragment of Tirta Power, Truett’s powers were almost on par with James’ powers. The two of them started attacking the Yang governor at full speed.

Unfortunately, they could not deal any actual damage to the Yang governor since the latter was much more powerful than them.

“I’m done dawdling around with you guys.” The Yang governor conjured multiple huge fists before him. Those fists shot toward James, Truett, and the evil spirit.

The three of them were sent flying hundreds of meters away as the fists slammed into them. James and Truett even coughed up blood.

Numerous cracks appeared all over Truett’s body. The evil spirit let out a desperate cry as it shrank into a smaller size.

On the other hand, James was in a wounded and disheveled state. If it were not for his Ultimate Golden Body, James’ body might have been torn apart during the attack.

Even though the Yang governor had sustained severe injuries, James’ group was still not powerful enough to take him down.

“It’s time I put an end to the group of you.” The Yang governor grinned sinisterly.

‘Til be taking away your Ultimate Golden Body as well.”

He raised his palm and conjured a beam of light which displayed the Tai Chi pattern. The light beam fell from the sky and landed over James.

In an instant, James could feel his soul being gripped by a sharp pain. He was shaking all over.

“Master!” Lesia came out of James’ body and flew toward the Yang governor in the form of a red light beam. She pierced through the Yang governor’s body once more.

The Yang governor clenched his fists tightly. “I’m going to tear you to bits today, you foolish spirit!”

He transformed into a gigantic hand and went after Lesia.

Just then, James released an overpowering amount of black and white energies, which shattered the beam of light trapping him.

Then, he teleported toward Lesia.

As Lesia transformed into a red sword, James grabbed onto the handle and swung the sword heavily at the gigantic hand.

With a loud boom, James was thrown off meters away. Cracks started spreading across his Ultimate Golden Body.

“James!” Truett called out.

He conjured his sword and unleashed thousands of light swords aiming for the Yang governor.

“You can’t harm me with that.” As the Yang governor gave a light wave of his hand, Truett’s light swords exploded in the air.

The Yang governor grinned and reached out his hand.

Simultaneously, a shadowy hand seized James by the neck.

“You’re about to meet your end, bastard. This is what you get for insulting me back then!” The Yang governor lifted his other hand and conjured numerous palms above James. Then, he sent all the palms down at James.

During that split second, James was paralyzed by a great sense of despair. He stood no chance against the Yang governor due to the huge difference in their powers.

He even wondered if he would have the chance to be reborn again this time.

James also realized he had completely underestimated the Yang governor as he was more concerned about what Tai Chi would do

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