The Amazing Son In Law Chapter 6557

 ”Boss of the Rothschild family?”

  Hearing Don Albert’s words, charlie Wade frowned slightly, and then said, “Are you talking about Walter and his father?” “

  Yes!” Don Albert nodded, He smiled and said, “That’s the American guy who poisoned White’s father and caused her father to have kidney failure. He is a piece of shit. Didn’t he and his father always say that they are members of the Rothschild family? ?”

  charlie Wade waved his hand and said: “They are not from the Rothschild family. It is impossible for a Rothschild family to have the surname Hogwitz.”

  After saying that, charlie Wade thought for a while and said: “Hogwitz This surname is probably a Jewish surname. They might be relatives of the Rothschild family.”

  At this point, charlie Wade suddenly realized: “I have probably figured it out. This Steve came to Aurous Hill to find this person. For father and son, his old man has just recovered and wants to be the clan leader for a few more years. He may be trying to win over those relatives.”

  Don Albert said hurriedly: “Master Wade, according to what you said, this kid came to Aurous Hill to fight against you. Ah! How about we give him a Hongmen Banquet, let him have a full meal tomorrow, and then tie him to the dog farm directly to keep him company with the two men!”

  charlie Wade smiled and said: “No, Steve is the second in command of the Rothschild family, which is equivalent to the ancient prince. This Hogwitz is most likely the child of an old princess after she got married, and may not be Steve. My biological sister, this relative is far away. If we really have a close relationship, it’s impossible for her to be locked up in your dog farm for so long without even the Rothschild family coming to look for her.”

  Don Albert nodded: “That’s true. Also…”

  After saying that, he quickly asked: “Master Wade, since this kid is here to find someone, he might be able to find the head of the dog farm! If he turns against you then, wouldn’t that be a trouble in the future? Infinite?”

  charlie Wade said with a smile: “Every dog ​​you raise in the dog farm counts, even if you lend all their eggs to Steve, he won’t dare to fall out with me.”

  After saying that, charlie Wade’s expression He became serious and said: “Well, since they are here, let’s not pretend to be stupid and cowardly in front of them. Just prepare a business car that can’t be seen from the inside. I’ll ask you during dinner tomorrow. Ask Steve, if he really comes to see the father and son, please get him in the car directly after dinner, take him to visit the dog farm, and let him meet Walter and his father by the way. I see that he has arrived Do you dare to fart one more time?”

  Don Albert nodded heavily without thinking: “Sure! The commercial vehicles used by several underground casinos under me to pick up and drop off guests are all from the back row and cannot be seen outside. When the time comes, I will have someone prepare one. vehicle.”

  ”Okay.” charlie Wade smiled slightly and asked, “What is Master Hong Tian doing?”

  Don Albertdao said, “Master Hong Tian is teaching everyone martial arts in the martial arts hall.”

  charlie Wade nodded and said to him: ” Go and tell Master Hong Tian that I’ll be waiting for him in the general manager’s office.”

  ”Okay!” Don Albert said, “Master Wade, please go to the office first, and I’ll inform Master Hong immediately.”

  Champs Elysees Hot Spring Hotel Design There are hundreds of rooms, which can accommodate thousands of guests and hundreds of employees. Now it is no longer open to the public and only serves a few hundred martial arts students and supporting service personnel, so most of the rooms and venues are empty.

  charlie Wade sat in the general manager’s office for a while. Hong Changqing, who was wearing a Tang suit, quickly came to the door. After knocking on the door and getting charlie Wade’s permission, Hong Changqing pushed the door open and said with excitement: “Master Wade, you But I haven’t been here to guide my subordinates in their work for a while!”

  charlie Wade was slightly surprised, and then joked: “Master Hong Tian returned to China not long ago, but I didn’t expect that he learned the domestic scenes very quickly.”

  ”No, no, no.” Hong Changqing waved his hand quickly, He said seriously: “Master Wade, in the opinion of my subordinates, you have extraordinary talents. It is my honor and opportunity to listen to your teachings in person.”

  charlie Wade saw that he was very sincere, but still He said very humbly: “Master Hong Tian, ​​I know very little about martial arts. Unlike you, you have rich theoretical knowledge and practical experience. More importantly, you have taught so many disciples in Taizhen Taoism, and you are absolutely excellent in teaching.” As a senior person, how am I qualified to tell you about your teaching work.”

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