The Amazing Son In Law Chapter 6558

  After saying that, charlie Wade asked him: “Is everything going well here recently?”

  Hong Changqing cupped his hands and said respectfully: “Back to Master Wade, everything is going well here. They are all very good. With the follow-up tips of “Taizhen Hunyuan Dao” you gave me, everyone has a very solid foundation. The progress of this group of students is the fastest I have ever seen in all my years of teaching. One batch.”

  charlie Wade thought of his disciple Maxton. Previously, this girl had taken it upon herself to bring the entire Taizhen Tao to China. She had put it under her own sect, but she didn’t have time to manage it, so she left it all to Hong Changqing. training, so he asked curiously: “How are your Taizhen Tao disciples practicing?”

  Hong Changqing hurriedly said: “Back to Master Wade, the Taizhen Tao disciples are practicing much faster than before in the United States. Maxton is The girl is now just like the desperate Saburo. She practices every day in addition to practicing. She has made rapid progress, exceeding my expectations for her.”

  After saying that, Hong Changqing couldn’t help but sigh: “But in terms of the speed of progress, Maxton can only be ranked second. Second, the one who has made the most progress is Miss Ito. Moreover, in the past two days, Miss Ito’s state has undergone a radical change. Even her subordinates can’t understand what kind of state Miss Ito is now. In fact, Unbelievable.”

  charlie Wade asked in surprise: “You said Nanako has undergone a radical change?”

  ”Yes!” Hong Changqing nodded heavily and praised: “Miss Ito’s understanding is the best I have seen in so many years! She is It always gives people a sense of transcendence and is amazing.”

  charlie Wade couldn’t help but become curious.

  It stands to reason that Nanako has just entered the martial arts not long ago.

  Although she had taken the rejuvenation pill she gave her before and her body had indeed improved a lot, she still had to walk step by step slowly to learn martial arts.

  Even if his cultivation speed is faster than that of ordinary people, charlie Wade feels that it will not make Hong Changqing feel so amazed.

  So he said: “By the way, is Miss Ito here today?”

  ”Here.” Hong Changqing said hurriedly: “Miss Ito is at the martial arts hall at the moment.”

  charlie Wade nodded and said: “Master Hong Tian, ​​you go Inform Miss Ito and ask her to come here to see me. Also, after today’s lecture, thank you for telling all the students that I have a gift for everyone tomorrow morning. You can also count the number of people and give me an accurate number. Numbers.” /

  Previously, in order to make the students here progress faster, charlie Wade specially prepared some “oral liquids” for them. The active ingredients in them were naturally various elixirs refined by himself.

  However, due to his busy schedule, charlie Wade originally wanted to wait until Nanako, Aurora, Isaac Cameron and Don Albert all entered the martial arts sect, and then distribute the oral liquid to the students to help them speed up their training, but later Things are quite busy and I haven’t had time to distribute the oral liquid to the students here.

  There are now many more students here than before.

  Except for Nanako, Aurora and the other girls, they were mainly members of the Elms family and the soldiers of Wanlong Palace.

  But later, Maxton, who had a bit of a tiger personality, directly moved the entire Taizhen Tao to China, so the number of people here was much larger. Fortunately, he had a simple oral liquid filling system in his mid-level villa in Champs Elysees. Install the equipment, and you can seize the time to fill another batch this afternoon.

  Hong Changqing didn’t know what gifts charlie Wade had for everyone, so he said respectfully: “Don’t worry, Master Wade, I will inform Miss Ito right away. As for the current number of people, if my subordinates remember correctly, they should be 426.” , Isaac Cameron, Mr. has gone to Eastcliff during this time. If you include him, there are 427 people.”

  ”Okay.” charlie Wade nodded and said: “I will inform Isaac to come back later. At eight o’clock tomorrow morning, everyone will be there. Assemble at the Martial Arts Hall!”

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