The Amazing Son In Law Chapter 6768

“To be honest, there is no such thing as regretting a donation to a charity and having to litigate to recover it. It is definitely a news worth reporting for the media, and all the court cases require It is open to the public and everyone can see the judgment documents. Even if you want to hide it, you can’t hide it, so if you want to fight this lawsuit, you have to be prepared.”

Jacob suddenly fell into deep despair . , he just wanted to get the money back, but he never thought that this kind of thing might be known to the public.

President Pei just said on the phone that he would withstand the pressure of this scandal and try his best to keep a vice president position for himself. If it was revealed that he had regretted his donation and filed a lawsuit to recover it, then Pei would probably be in trouble. The president can’t save himself.

After thinking about it for a long time, Jacob sadly realized that it might be really difficult to get the 300,000 yuan back.

When he thought of this, he lost control of his emotions and cried: “What kind of evil have I done? What kind of evil have I done! After struggling for so long, not to mention 100,000 yuan, Aurous Hill, Dubai , Dubai, Aurous Hill, I flew back and forth, and all my money was wasted. The worst thing is that I can no longer keep my second-in-command position. Who in the world is worse off than me… Seeing Jacob’s emotional breakdown, the lawyer

quickly stepped forward and comforted him: “Don’t be too excited. If you really want to litigate this matter, it’s not difficult, as long as you can prove that the 300,000 yuan you donated has a clear origin.” There is no illegal crime or tax evasion, and then you can explain to the court that you made an impulsive donation, and the court might support your request.”

Jacob even broke down and asked him in tears: “Huh? Prove the origin of the 300,000 yuan?”

The lawyer smiled: “Of course, this is the top priority! Let’s use an analogy, what if you defrauded the 300,000 yuan through telecom fraud, and then wanted to use a charity? If you sue for recovery after donating money, doesn’t that mean you’re using the charity to launder money?”

“I…I…” Jacob cried in complete despair, “You’re bullying people! Ah! God is bullying people too!”

He turned around and walked out with tears in his eyes.

If, as the lawyer said, he still has to prove the innocence of the 300,000 yuan, then he has already lost on this level. What kind of lawsuit is this?

At this moment, he had completely given up the idea of ​​recovering the 300,000 yuan.

At the moment, he was disheartened and just wanted to escape from the city as soon as possible.

After all, if you come back secretly, you can’t go back even if you have a home.

He squatted on the side of the road, crying, and opened the booking software. He felt even more miserable when he saw that the ticket to Dubai would have to wait until tomorrow morning, and he could only book an economy class ticket.

He bought the plane ticket, and when he thought about the eight-hour flight, his mood was about to explode.

When he thought about Han Meiqing getting married soon, hank was so outstanding, but now he was in such a mess, his heart was even more broken, and he wanted to slap himself in the face to vent his anger.

When he thought back on the whole thing, he realized that it was entirely his own fault, and he felt even more regretful about it.

If you give yourself another chance, you will never use such crooked ideas again!

At this time, a hotel business car drove past Jacob. Steve Rothschild, who was about to go to the banquet, was sitting alone in the back seat, looking through the car window at the roadside and squatting on the ground. Jacob, who was holding his head and crying, couldn’t help but sigh in his heart: “This should be what is said on the Internet, that adults collapse in an instant, right?

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