The Amazing Son In Law Chapter 6794

The An family instantly became very interested in hank’s views.

For Anjia, vehicle manufacturing and power batteries are not really intended to make money. They just hope to make more investments in China’s manufacturing industry to contribute to the development of China’s manufacturing industry.

But hank’s point of view gave them new expectations for this matter.

If this industry can be made into an industry giant like Tesla, the business opportunities and profits it contains are self-evident. The help and improvement it can bring to China’s manufacturing industry and local automotive supply chain will undoubtedly be enormous.

The biggest difference between manufacturing giants and Internet giants is that Internet giants are more likely to pursue industry monopoly. Before the monopoly situation is formed, they will continue to release profits and even heavily subsidize the terminal market. When they have acquired enough users and make them extremely dependent, they will unscrupulously grab profits.

Several years ago, when they subsidized online ride-hailing, a passenger would probably only have to pay five yuan for a ten-kilometer journey, while the driver would get ten yuan. But now, for the same ten-kilometer journey, a passenger would probably have to pay thirty yuan, while the driver would only get eight yuan.

Moreover, Internet companies tend to use the least number of jobs, create the greatest output, and obtain maximum profits by squeezing upstream and downstream.

But the manufacturing giants are different.

The manufacturing giants feed the entire industrial chain.

An automobile manufacturing company with 10,000 employees, in addition to providing 10,000 jobs itself, can also provide a large number of jobs for upstream steel mills and aluminum mills, provide a large number of jobs for the transportation of various materials, and support a large number of large, medium and small enterprises that provide spare parts for it. This driving effect is very powerful.

In China and even in the world, the economic lifeline of many cities is likely to be a large-scale manufacturing industry, just like the city of Toyota in Japan. Its 400,000 people are almost all Toyota Motor employees and their families. Toyota itself has more than 300,000 employees worldwide. If the supply chain that depends on it is included, it can create at least one million jobs.

Such manufacturing giants can provide benefits to millions of people in the industrial chain instead of desperately squeezing their profits and living space.

Nowadays, the domestic production rate of domestic new energy vehicles has already exceeded 90%. If we can really create a new energy vehicle giant, all the value generated will be used to drive the development of related domestic enterprises.

Therefore, hank’s proposal immediately made everyone’s eyes light up.

charlie Wade was also very interested in this plan. He said, “I still have plenty of cash in my hands. It is not difficult to take out hundreds of billions of US dollars. Uncle Hank, how do you think this thing can be run with the highest success rate?”

hank said: “You don’t need that much money. Two or three billion US dollars is more than enough. As for the success rate, I personally feel that we should focus on overtaking others. Not to mention comparing with traditional fuel vehicle companies, even in the new energy sector, we are now in the fifth or even sixth echelon. Just catching up with our peers is a difficult test.”

Homula asked: “Professor hank, how do you think we can achieve overtaking on a curve? In other words, what does it mean to overtake on a curve?”

hank thought for a moment, organized his words, and explained: “My personal understanding of overtaking on a curve is actually not as simple as a curve, but taking shortcuts on the entire track, taking a path that others have not taken, or even an unexpected path, to reach the finish line faster;”

“Just like domestic new energy vehicles, our fuel engines always lagged behind Europe, America, Japan and South Korea in the past, and we were always a little behind no matter how hard we tried to catch up. But domestic new energy vehicles turned the table over directly. We can’t make engines that can catch up with them, right? Then don’t make cars with engines. You are not that good at motors, right? You have accumulated decades of experience in internal combustion engines, and you are confused about motors. I will take advantage of you not paying attention to motors and get in first to accumulate the advantages of electric drives. When I develop electric drives, I will be ahead of you in the field of new energy. By then, you can cry and tell me that you have been playing with internal combustion engines for decades, and you are proficient in everything from L4 to w16, but I will ignore you. Why? Because I don’t play your game anymore.”

“It’s like a martial arts master who practiced swordsmanship in the cold weapon era. You practiced for 30 years and thought you were invincible. But I made a musket in a year and a half, and one bullet can kill you. It’s useless for you to say that you practiced for 30 years. It’s meaningless.”

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