The Legendary Man Chapter 1315

Chapter 1315 Weapon
The eight respectable families was a term used by the outside world to refer to the top eight undying legacies of Chanaea.

Those families, due to their shared interests, banded together to control the entirety of Chanaea.

However, all those decisions were made at the macro level of families’ development.

As for the grudges among the eight families, that was an incredibly complex matter. Even the most brilliant analyst would struggle to untangle the complicated relationship that had persisted among those respectable families for hundreds and thousands of years.

Among the eight families, each one had, to varying degrees, slain members of the other clans.

After all, that is the nature of competition among respectable families. When the cake size was fixed, one had to reduce the number of competitors to get a larger slice.

Slaying others, and nurturing the younger generation were the things that everyone from the eight families wanted to do.

And that was exactly what the eight families did.

Last time, Karl used the Eastern Army as bait to set a trap, gathering representatives from the eight families in Remdik. Although everyone had a common goal at that time, it also led to the emergence of the alliances of the six families, comprising the Henderson, Leeson, Mallory, Blackwood, Welsh, and Gray families.

Even when their goals aligned, they were constantly looking for opportunities to take each other down.

From that, it was clear to see that the grudges between the eight families had reached a point of no resolution.

Yet, at that moment, within the small world, under the threat of death, everyone had no choice but to gather together once again.

The group of seven included Merilyn, an aboriginal cultivator, Kathleen, Stellario, and Sirius, who were from respectable families, yet belonged to two different factions, Jonathan, representing Asura’s Office, and Joshua, the last descendant of the Whitley family and the only remaining heir of the White family in the small world.

Hayden, standing at the very edge, was the successor of an affiliated family that had betrayed the respectable families.

That motley crew, each with their own agenda, could be described as chaos in its purest form.

Despite such complex relationships, everyone united unprecedentedly in the face of death.

“Everyone, be ready. As soon as I break the restraining barrier of this prison, the guards in charge will surely notice. When that happens, we must leave immediately.” Joshua stood in front of the prison door and spoke calmly.

Upon hearing that, everyone immediately became cautious. Jonathan quickly shrank the coffin to just over a meter in length and hoisted it onto his back.

Joshua drew out his Formation Crusher, his body surging with spiritual energy. Without any hesitation, he struck at the prison bars that looked as if they were about to decay.

The entire dungeon was protected by a large formation. Previously, Jonathan and Stellario had tried to break open the cell using their spiritual energy, but it had no effect whatsoever.

After all, challenging a massive formation with the strength of a single person was simply preposterous.

Yet, at this moment, Joshua swung the Formation Crusher in his hand, unleashing a wave of obliteration.

Crack! Crack!

Two crisp sounds rang out, and the edgeless Formation Crusher, as if it were the fastest blade in the world, sliced through the bars of the prison cell.

“This formation will repair itself. We need to leave quickly.” Joshua put away his Formation Crusher and panted heavily after breaking the boundary, speaking as he did so.

At the same time, he casually tossed two Spirit Rejuvenating Pills into his mouth as if they were jelly beans.

Sirius swiftly moved and positioned himself next to Jonathan and the others.

Right then, a flash of white light streaked by at the end of the corridor. Four cultivators, dressed in the attire of the Outer City envoy, had already appeared on the portal formation.

“Cast your spells. Hand me a weapon! I’ll kill them all!” Sirius, covered in blood, stood tall and straight.
Meanwhile, on the side, Hayden casually handed a rifle over to Sirius. “If you need a gun, just ask for it! Why are you keeping up your high and mighty pretense at a time like this!”
As Hayden spoke, he had already pulled the trigger in his hand.
At a distance of less than thirty meters, even if the spiritual destruction formation on the bullet had been rendered useless by the Spirit Possession Formation there, the immense momentum was enough to kill a God Realm cultivator while they were caught off guard.
The bullet was fired, and one of the four cultivators was sent flying. Half of his head already vanished into thin air.
One of the remaining three divine messengers summoned a shield with a flip of his hand, positioning it in front of him, and then shouted loudly, “Call for backup!”
At that moment, Jonathan had already enveloped Hayden with his spiritual energy.
“We can’t afford to linger here. Let’s go!” As Jonathan spoke, the bricks beneath their feet seemed to transform into a surface of water.
The group suddenly felt a void beneath their feet, and before they knew it, they had vanished into the corridor.
The three divine messengers hurried over only to find an empty cell and slightly protruding bricks. It was as if Jonathan and the others had never been there. They left without even leaving a trace.
An envoy, his face smeared with blood, asked, “What should we do?”
The person who was speaking earlier furrowed his brows. “We must report to the governor’s residence immediately. These people have free access to the dungeon. If they really release those guys, we’ll be in deep trouble.”
Beneath the North Outer City, Jonathan led everyone as they swiftly moved through the soil. Thanks to the presence of Joshua’s Formation Crusher, they managed to forcefully tear open a gap in the formation of the entire North Outer City.
“Why are you giving me this gun?” Sirius was propelled forward by Jonathan’s spiritual power. With nothing else to do, he finally turned his gaze toward Hayden.
Hayden turned his head to look at Sirius beside him. “I find you so hard to please. Wasn’t it you who asked me for a weapon just now?”
“I did ask you for a weapon…”
“Exactly. Didn’t I just give it to you?” Hayden looked at Sirius with a puzzled expression.
Then, as if he suddenly remembered something, he quickly stowed away his sniper rifle into his storage ring. “Are you coveting my sniper rifle? I’d advise you to drop that idea.”
At that moment, Sirius stared at Hayden as if he was looking at a fool.
“A touch of icy gleam precedes a spear as fierce as a dragon. What I wanted was a spear!”
Upon hearing that, Hayden was first taken aback. Then, he looked at Sirius somewhat awkwardly. “Why didn’t you say so earlier? I would have understood if you had just told me you wanted Zarok’s Feathered Fowlstrike Spear!”
“Feathered Fowlstrike is a spear technique,” said Sirius in a cold voice. “The spear of Zarok is named Silver Dragonheart Spear!”
With a grim expression, Jonathan popped two Spirit Rejuvenating Pills into his mouth and said to the two individuals, “Shut up! Will you two ever stop? Joshua and I are leading you all away from our pursuers, and we’re using up a lot of spiritual energy. If you dare to keep running your mouths, believe it or not, I’ll bury both of you alive right here!”
At present, everyone was entirely reliant on Jonathan’s escape technique to traverse underground. If they were truly abandoned by Jonathan, even if they didn’t suffocate to death, their fate wouldn’t be any more favorable.
Seeing Jonathan lose his temper, both of them promptly shut their mouths.
However, the silence only lasted for a few moments before Hayden spoke up again. “Mr. Goldstein, aren’t you tired of leading so many people? How about we all just hop into the coffin?”

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