The Legendary Man Chapter 1317

Chapter 1317 No Way To Get Beneath The Soil
With a dagger in hand, Stellario cursed through gritted teeth.
Besides Stellario, the others also turned ashen-faced when they looked at Jonathan.

If looks could kill, Jonathan would likely be the prime target of them all.

All of that was a result of the Black Armor Legion, who was outside their field of vision.

Whether it was the South Outer City or North Outer City, they were initially established to deal with the potential beast wave, serving as fortresses for troop deployment and defense.

This place bore a striking resemblance to the Northern Crimson Prison in Chanaea’s Xophia.

As a place where troops were stationed, there would inevitably be a parade ground for the army to assemble and train.

Before Jonathan and his companions reached the surface, they had already used their spiritual senses to scan the surroundings, ensuring no one was around.

In the small world, everyone’s consciousness was significantly suppressed, restricting the maximum detection radius to just a few meters. Anything beyond that was imperceptible.

According to Jonathan and his group’s plan, even if they were to return to the surface and were accidentally encountered by others, the skills they possessed would enable them to swiftly handle the situation, ensuring that no significant chaos erupted in a short amount of time.

They eventually stuck their heads out directly from the training ground.

Although the South Outer City and North Outer City were no longer what they were two thousand years ago, the overall situation there still remained unchanged.

The tradition of stationing troops in the northeast and northwest corners of the Northern Outer City still lasted to the present day to prepare for the potential beast wave.

At that time, Jonathan and his companions, who had just emerged from underground, were being watched by hundreds of pairs of eyes.

On ordinary days, such a large gathering of people was not a common sight.

After all, the small world’s hierarchical system at the time was stringent, and the villagers outside had never contemplated rebelling against the authorities.

Furthermore, the beast wave had not occurred for over three hundred years. Those divine messengers were nothing more than symbolic figureheads, employed to instill fear in the minds of the people.

Yet, only today, a great upheaval befell the North Outer City. The governor was killed, his deputy was injured, and even the governor’s residence was completely reduced to ruins with a single loud explosion.

Just moments ago, the deputy governor, Celestus, issued an order to capture Jonathan and his companions alive. He also had a formation diagram drawn and distributed to various military officers.

At this moment, a few dozen meters away from Jonathan and his companions, a cultivator stood in stunned silence, clutching a luminous stone in his hand.

Upon the stone’s surface, a light screen materialized, revealing the silhouettes of six individuals, excluding Sirius.

“Why aren’t they saying anything?” Hayden clenched his teeth and spoke in a hushed tone, sweat dripping from the tip of his nose.

“Can’t they see us?” Upon hearing Hayden’s words, a few people turned their heads to look at Jonathan.

Sirius stepped forward to stand in front of Jonathan. “Mr. Goldstein, can your Elemental Extrication Technique make us invisible?”

“Of course not,” Jonathan replied, at a loss for words as he gazed at Sirius.

“Oh.” Sirius nodded lightly, “I have a suggestion, but I’m not sure if it’s appropriate to mention it.”

Kathleen looked at Sirius with a cold gaze. “If you have something to say, spit it out!”

With a sweep of his long spear, Sirius steadily pointed it toward the Black Armor Legion ahead. “We definitely can’t beat them in a fight, maybe we should run…”

“Run!” Jonathan formed seals with both hands, and the soil beneath their feet instantly became soft.

Before they could sink into the ground, a booming shout echoed from within the ranks of the Black Armor Legion. “It’s them! The deputy governor has issued a command. If we kill one person, we’ll be promoted to centurion; killing two, we’ll be promoted to millurion. Capturing the one wearing the turban alive, and we’ll be promoted to decamillurion. The person will serve in the governor’s residence, and his position will be hereditary.”

“Charge!” the person exclaimed.

Countless crossbow arrows were already whistling through the air, their sharp, piercing sounds drawing nearer.

Jonathan and his companions quickly stepped into the soil, while the arrows pierced through the ground, aiming straight for the people below.

Ding! Ding! Ding!

A series of soft sounds echoed as the bronze handbell above Jonathan’s head intercepted all the incoming arrows.

“These people have gone mad!” Hayden cried out in fear, extending his spiritual sense while looking at the Black Armor Legion above him.

Above their heads, dozens of the fastest Black Armor soldiers had already reached where they had stood earlier.

Driven by immense benefits, those cultivators did not give up their pursuit. Instead, they summoned their magical items one by one and began to furiously smash downward.

If an individual believed they could challenge the vast land in such a manner, one might consider them a fool, but when dozens of people were doing so simultaneously, it only meant one thing—there was treasure at that place.
To them, Jonathan and his companions were the treasures.
With the aid of Jonathan’s Elemental Extrication Technique, several people dived down, feeling as comfortable as if they were swimming in water, without any discomfort.
The cultivators above the ground became even more insane.
They activated the spiritual energy of their magical items, and their digging speed was surprisingly second only to Jonathan’s Elemental Extrication Technique. In one moment, they were closing in on Jonathan and the others, filling them with terror.
Above ground, the commander of the Black Armor Legion grew increasingly anxious. Many cultivators wielded long spears to form a massive semicircle.
As the Black Armor Legion took their positions, the commander made a grand sweeping gesture. Following his lead, the soldiers plunged their long spears directly into the ground.
Afterward, he applied a technique to activate the formations on the spears. One by one, the spears began to rapidly elongate, growing longer and longer.
This commander intended to artificially create a barrier around them, aiming to trap Jonathan and the others.
Besides that, under the commander’s arrangement, several black-armored soldiers who were proficient in formation tactics had also arrived at this location.
Each of those formation masters held a jade slip, swiftly moving forward and embedding it into the ground, occupying the three positions. Subsequently, they jointly activated the jade slips with a hand seal.
Crack! Crack! Crack!
The jade slips shattered one after another, yet not a single fragment was to be seen.
All the jade slips crumbled into dust, seeping into the earth like a liquid.
Down below, Jonathan, who was leading everyone to escape, felt that his spiritual power was depleting at an even faster rate.
“Something’s not right!” Jonathan exclaimed in an icy tone.
The entire escape process relied on Joshua’s cooperation. Upon hearing Jonathan’s words, Joshua, too, grew anxious. “What’s wrong?”
After popping a few Spirit Rejuvenating Pills into his mouth, Jonathan turned his gaze toward Joshua. “Joshua, did you feel it? My spiritual energy is depleting fast.”
“Impossible.” Joshua shook his head, denying it as he spoke. “I haven’t stopped using the Formation Crusher for a moment, the spirit possession formation shouldn’t affect you.”
Upon hearing this, Jonathan realized that Joshua had misunderstood him and quickly clarified. “That’s not what I meant. I truly feel that my spiritual energy is depleting rapidly, at least three times faster than before.”
“How can this be?” Joshua frowned at Jonathan. “We just passed through here. There’s no way there could be a problem…”
At this point, Joshua paused slightly. “Unless the soil density has changed…”

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