The Legendary Man Chapter 1318

Chapter 1318 The Immortal Body

Upon hearing Joshua’s words, Jonathan was immediately taken aback.

Suppressing his shock, Jonathan carefully sensed the density of the surrounding soil.

Indeed, it’s much harder than before!

“We just walked this path. It shouldn’t be like this. It seems that they have set up a new arcane array,” Joshua said thoughtfully.

At this point, Jonathan was struggling hard to move forward. The hardness of the ground was now comparable to that of a rock.

With every inch of their advance, they had to expend several times more spiritual energy than before.

“Joshua, isn’t Formation Crusher primarily used to break through formations?” Hayden asked in a puzzled tone.

Upon hearing the question, Joshua’s brows furrowed deeply.

“It’s hard for me to explain to you all. It’s true that Formation Crusher is specifically designed to break formations, but in reality, it has many limitations. If my guess is correct, there should be people around us continuously infusing spiritual energy into the formation. If this continues, the impact of Formation Crusher will be negligible.”

Although Jonathan couldn’t understand what Joshua was saying, there was one thing he did understand.

This means we can’t rely on anyone else now.

“I can’t take it anymore! We must get back up there, or we’ll all suffocate down here!”

Jonathan was swiftly moving underground. After wandering around, he began to quickly ascend upwards.

“Be prepared for battle!” Joshua said coldly.

The next moment, under the leadership of Jonathan, the few of them rushed up again, sticking close to the city wall.”

Upon seeing the few individuals, the commander of Black Armor Legion immediately shouted, “Kill them!”

Whoosh, whoosh, whoosh…

Countless arrows were shot from crossbows on three sides.

“Cover me for a few moments!”

With a loud shout from Joshua, everyone swiftly raised their shields in front of them, encircling Jonathan and Joshua in the middle.

“I need a while to complete the spell!” Joshua said as he whipped out Troop Summoner.

Jonathan crushed a small bottle and tossed all of the dozen or so Spirit Rejuvenating Pills into his mouth.

The scene stunned Joshua even though he was aware that Jonathan’s cultivation method was different from ordinary people’s.

“Is it okay for you to consume that many?” Joshua asked in concern as he formed a seal with both hands.

Typically, a God Realm cultivator could replenish their spiritual energy with just three Spirit Rejuvenating Pills.

Due to the mysterious Ancient Sacred Dragon Technique that Jonathan practiced, his energy field capacity was more than three times that of others.

Even so, the immense spiritual energy released from swallowing a dozen or so Replenishing Spirit Pills at once would cause a tremendous shock to Jonathan’s elixir field and meridians.

Wiping the blood from his mouth and nose, Jonathan looked at Joshua, his face flushed red.

“No worries, I can still handle it. Continue casting your spell here. I’ll go outside and take out that commander. Dmn it, just looking at him psses me off!”

As Jonathan spoke, he leaped up and stepped onto Hayden’s shield. As his figure rose into the air, he pushed off the city wall with both feet, launching him toward the densely packed Black Armor Legion like an arrow released from its bow.

As Three Formations could only defend against attacks from below and not from above, it didn’t hinder Jonathan even for an instant.

Amidst the arrows flying toward him from the front, the bronze handbell above Jonathan’s head forcefully tore open a path through the overwhelming barrage of arrows.

The countless backlashes inflicted severe injuries to Jonathan’s internal organs. Yet these usually fatal injuries were rapidly healed with the life force of Seboxia.

“Screw you!”

Cursing loudly, Jonathan moved like a shooting star, covering dozens of meters in a single stride as he charged into the midst of the Black Armor soldiers. His target was the commander in the distance.

With a swift motion, Jonathan put away the bronze handbell. Holding Heaven Sword, he cleaved a wolf-riding soldier, along with his wolf, into two halves.

As he turned to dodge two incoming blades, Jonathan forcefully hurled Divine Chessboard out with his right hand.

The palm-sized Divine Chessboard suddenly expanded to twenty meters in length amidst its rotation, directly knocking the Black Armor soldiers blocking Jonathan’s path away.
“In battle, it is wise to eliminate the intelligent ones first.”
Drenched in blood, Jonathan laughed heartily as he leaped into the air. The moment his foot touched Divine Chessboard, he had already teleported to the other end of the board. With a powerful jump, he flew over the last layer of Black Armor Legion, charging straight toward the commander.
“Do you have a death wish?”
The commander, with his robust and unmatched physique, sat upright on the back of a white-furred alpha wolf, his face looking grim.
Seeing Jonathan continuously using his skills to charge at him, the commander forcefully leaped off the green wolf.
In his hands, a massive yet peculiar weapon materialized. It resembled the broadsword of an ancient Epean knight, with the front looking like a slender cone, while the hilt was fitted with a smooth handle.
The commander held in his hand, a short yet ferocious-looking weapon that was covered with spikes.
With a soft sound, the strange weapon, leveraging its length, forcefully pierced into Jonathan’s chest.
As the saying goes, “The longer a weapon, the greater its reach.” A smug expression appeared on the commander’s face, but before he could react, he saw Jonathan, with a cold smirk, charging toward him.
Heaven Sword accurately pierced the heart of the commander, whose gaze shifted from smug satisfaction to pure horror.
Looking at the weapon that had completely pierced through Jonathan’s left chest, the commander was filled with disbelief.
“How could you possibly…”
“Because I am invincible!”
Jonathan revealed a smile and then, despite the intense pain in his chest, pressed down on Heaven Sword with both hands.
Under the gaze of many, Heaven Sword cut through the commander’s chest down to between his legs, cleaving him cleanly in two.
Suddenly, the commander’s insides spilled out all over the ground, leaving a messy scene of intestines and stomach. Just one glance at the scene was enough to send chills down anyone’s spine.
The small world was unlike the outside world. Here, power reigned supreme. No matter how clever one was, one could never ascend to the top if one’s cultivation level was not up to par.
The commander that Jonathan had killed was none other than the second most powerful individual in North Outer City, inferior to only the deputy governor, Celestus.
Jonathan had not only killed such a person with a single strike but also had a terrifying weapon stabbed through his heart. One could only imagine the level of shock the scene caused in the eyes of those present.
Jonathan gripped the hilt of the strange weapon embedded in his chest. Then, with a forceful push, he moved the weapon through himself, leaving a hole the size of a bowl.
As his life force quickly gathered above the wound, budding white flesh connected rapidly like tentacles. Within a few seconds, Jonathan’s chest had completely healed, and his aura surged once again.
After the terrifying scene unfolded before the eyes of the Black Armor soldiers, all of them were too frightened to step forward.
Although powerful medicine that could bring the dead back to life existed in the small world, there would be no chance of applying it if a normal person’s heart was pierced, for they would die instantly.
Consequently, someone like Jonathan was, needless to say, one of a kind.
Could this person truly be immortal?

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