The Legendary Man Chapter 1319

Chapter 1319 Chaos

With a casual wave of his right hand, Jonathan transformed the strange weapon into the size of a palm and stored it in his storage ring.

“You still have the mood to look at me? If I were you, I would definitely be more concerned about what’s happening over there.” Jonathan pointed toward the direction of the city wall, laughing heartily as he spoke.

Upon Jonathan’s prompting, the Black Armor soldiers recollected the presence of the few individuals on the opposing side. They each turned their heads to look, only to witness a scene of utter chaos unfolding beneath the entire city wall.

In front of that city wall, a massive platform, entirely constructed from spiritual energy, had now appeared.

In this instant, Joshua stood atop the platform, surveying the throngs below.

Arrows were unleashed toward Joshua, yet the formidable spiritual energy enveloping him had surged to an astonishing level. Consequently, every arrow was arrested by this tremendous force, remaining suspended in mid-air.

“In my name, at this point, I call upon the heavens above and the waters below, I offer my blood as a sacrifice, refining my essence and condensing my energy, I summon my spirit warrior, come forth swiftly to join me!”

Joshua stood atop the high platform, his gaze filled with an icy indifference.

Holding a book in one hand and forming a hand seal with the other, he recited the incantation that had been passed down through the Whitley family for over two thousand years.

As Joshua’s technique was activated, on the Troop Summoner in his hand, rows of runes began to madly converge upward.

Beneath that high platform, spiritual energy rapidly gathered, transforming into fragmented figures that slowly rose to their feet.

Since the day this technique had been imparted to Joshua, he had employed it only once while escaping from Yaleview to Doveston when he was intercepted by Eva.

At that time, due to Joshua’s severe injuries, coupled with the sparse spiritual energy around him, the Troop Summoner was unable to unleash its true power.

If it weren’t for Hayden assisting with his sniper rifle nearby, Eva might have succeeded.

However now, things were different. In this small world, they might lack many things, but they would never run out of spiritual energy.

When the patriarch of the Whitley family passed on the military strategy book to Joshua, he cautioned the latter not to use it lightly.

After all, such forbidden techniques, once invoked, if the absorbed spiritual energy is insufficient, would also consume the caster’s own spiritual energy.

An ancestor of the Whitley family met a tragic end, completely drained of life until he was nothing but a dried corpse.

Indeed, this was precisely why, throughout the span of two thousand years, only the earliest ancestors of the Whitley family, during the emergence of the Age of Degeneration when the foundation of heaven and earth had just crumbled, and the spiritual roots remained unbroken, had the privilege to witness a fraction of the Troop Summoner’s true might.

The other members of the Whitley family recognized it as a valuable treasure but had never truly witnessed the Troop Summoner’s power.

And today, Jonathan and others have all become witnesses to the Troop Summoner’s powers.

Above everyone’s heads, the boundless spiritual energy surged into the Troop Summoner, much like a large funnel.

Amidst this endless spiritual energy, streaks of white luminescence began to surface on the Troop Summoner.

Above the ground, the bodies of those pale blue spirit soldiers became increasingly complete.

Spiritual weapons began to appear one after another, and the spiritual pressure on the spirit soldiers quickly increased.

Superior Realm, then Grandmaster Realm, followed by God Realm/

The spiritual pressure of each spirit soldier ceased its ascent only after reaching the advanced phase of God Realm.

Jonathan felt somewhat parched as he gazed at the spirit soldiers and spirit warriors, their faces indistinguishable.

Even though he was in a partnership with Joshua, at this moment, he couldn’t help but harbor the desire to kill Joshua.

After all, Joshua’s magical tool was just too outrageously powerful.

Ever since Jonathan embarked on the path of cultivation, he had acquired quite a few magical items. However, only a handful of them were of a high grade.

The magical items in Jonathan’s hands were somewhat strange.

The Heaven Sword was incomparably sharp. With the help of Pryncyp of Strength, it could even attack on its own. However, ever since Jonathan’s Cor was shattered, he had been unable to wield it.

Upon his initial entry into the small world, the Divine Chessboard could accommodate an indefinite number of individuals. However, when it fell into Jonathan’s possession, it could expand to a maximum length of a hundred meters. Besides utilizing the formations on it for instantaneous travel across the chessboard, it appeared to have no other functions.

Seboxia’s coffin was rumored to be a pre-divine weapon, but beyond serving as a containment vessel for individuals, it appeared to possess no other practical utility.

In comparison to Joshua’s three magical items, his own magical items seemed exceedingly feeble.

This underscored the paramount significance of inheritance.

Watching Joshua standing calmly and composedly on the command center, Jonathan couldn’t help but feel a sense of admiration.
“An army without a leader is nothing but a rabble. You had the opportunity to halt him earlier, but you didn’t. Now, it’s too late to stop him!”
Jonathan swiftly seized the ring from the hand of the fallen commander, then, bearing the Heaven Sword, he nonchalantly proceeded toward the city wall.
While at the governor’s residence, they had been teetering on the brink of death. It might have been a result of the ferocity of the battle, or perhaps there were other factors at play, but for reasons Jonathan couldn’t comprehend, Joshua had refrained from employing this strategy.
Now, Joshua had revealed a part of his true strength, which was enough to confirm Jonathan’s previous speculation.
In this small world, Joshua was the one who was always surrounded by luck.
In this small world, Joshua was the one who consistently found himself in fortuitous circumstances.
This sole bloodline would rekindle the hatred within and beyond the small world, settling scores with the four vassal families of Yannopolis and the eight respectable families from the outside world.
Whether he would turn around and leave the world at ease after opening the external channel, Jonathan had no way of knowing.
He couldn’t figure out Joshua, but there was one thing he was sure of.
For these outlanders to survive, they must act in accordance with the luck of Joshua.
In response to a resounding cry from Joshua, hundreds of spirit soldiers and spirit warriors, all in the late stage of the God Realm, surged forward like phantoms.
Screams of agony echoed continuously, and for a moment, the thousands of Black Armor soldiers showed signs of disarray.
With the Heaven Sword in hand, Jonathan weaved through the chaos of battle, his sights set on the few formation masters busy with their hand seals.
A few cries of agony rang out, and Jonathan once again returned to the side of Joshua and the others.
Jonathan chuckled and teased, “Joshua, you’re really something!”
Joshua cracked a slight smile. Although he didn’t speak, one could easily see a hint of fatigue in his expression.
“Are you okay?” Jonathan reached out, placing his hand on Joshua’s wrist, quickly assessing his injuries.
“It’s due to the loss of blood essence. These techniques are all forbidden, each demanding blood as a guide. This is also why I mentioned earlier that even if you acquired the three magical items, you wouldn’t be able to wield them,” Joshua explained with effort. “I’ll recover after a bit of rest. While they’re thrown into chaos by the spirit soldiers, let’s make our escape quickly. Otherwise, once they come to their senses, escaping won’t be so easy.”
Joshua was about to walk away, but he had barely taken two steps when he was lifted by a surge of spiritual energy and thrown directly into the coffin.
“Take a breather. I’ve already found the direction of the city gate. Hurry and regain your strength. We might need your forbidden technique to help us out later.”

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