The Legendary Man Chapter 1320

Chapter 1320 City Gate

“Forbidden technique…” Joshua stepped into the coffin, looking somewhat speechless at Jonathan. “Why does that statement of yours sound a little odd?”

Before Joshua could finish his words, he was abruptly thrown into the coffin by Jonathan.

In the moment the coffin lid closed, their eyes met, each understanding the meaning in the other’s gaze.

Hailstorm Fan, Troop Summoner, and Formation Crusher.

Two out of the three secret treasures had now demonstrated their utterly formidable capabilities.

Although Joshua had yet to showcase the use of Hailstorm Fan, since it shared a great reputation as the other two treasures, it must also be extremely powerful.

When setting up the command center from Troop Summoner earlier, Jonathan clearly saw the greedy look in Stellario and Kathleen’s eyes.

Even Sirius, who always presented himself as cold and aloof, couldn’t help but continually glance at Joshua.

That was a very dangerous sign!

The eight great families had been coveting those three secret treasures for a long time. Although Joshua claimed that those items required the bloodline of the Whitley family to activate, who could ascertain that was really the case?

Even so, what difference would it make if it were true?

If a cultivator sought to acquire a magical item, they would stop at nothing to achieve their goal.

If the magical item required the Whitley family’s blood essence, all they had to do was capture Joshua and turn him into an amputee, removing his mouth, nose, tongue, teeth, or eyes. That way, he would become a blood bank that could provide blood essence at any time.

When Joshua was in a weak state earlier, Jonathan had clearly seen Stellario start to change his position.

That was why he conveniently tossed Joshua into the coffin to protect the latter.

The coffin was like a prison, and only Jonathan knew how to unlock it. Logically speaking, Joshua shouldn’t have allowed Jonathan to seal him inside so willingly. After all, doing so was akin to entrusting his life and fortune to Jonathan.

But the moment Jonathan’s hand touched his arm, a surge of life force calmed him down.

Aside from Merilyn, all of those individuals were extremely astute. They clearly understood Jonathan’s intention to protect Joshua.

Jonathan also knew that everyone had figured out his intentions.

Their alliance was incredibly fragile, where even the slightest hint of self-interest could lead to conflict and strife among them.

But as long as none of them did anything to ruin their collaboration, the alliance could still be maintained.

Everyone understood that once they left the North Outer City and felt safe, they might turn on each other.

As long as they hadn’t left that city, they could still entrust their lives to each other.

That was the world of the cultivators, where benefits came first.

Led by Jonathan, the party of six stuck close to the city wall, sprinting forward as swiftly as specters.

Just a moment ago, amidst the vast expanse of the sky, Jonathan had already spotted the massive city gates in the distance.

Actually, to call it a door was no longer entirely accurate.

After all, the city wall was about a hundred feet high. Building the city gate was not difficult. It was simply a matter of carving a hole in the wall and installing a couple of door panels.

Doing so, however, would add a tremendous burden.

The formation on the city walls there was seamlessly integrated with the entire city’s formation.

If a door or hole were carelessly created, it would disrupt the performance of the entire formation, necessitating numerous additional modifications.

Moreover, the gates of such a large city couldn’t be that small anyway.
Finding such large pieces of wood would be a problem, and the reinforcement and inscription of formations after construction would also be incredibly complex.
Therefore, when constructing those two Outer Cities, they simply left a space about one hundred meters long where the city gates were planned to be, choosing not to build walls there. Instead, the gap was entirely filled with formations.
The envoys within the city could come and go freely. All they needed was to wear their emerald access badges.
As for those demon beasts, if they really intended to break through those gaps into the South Outer City and North Outer City, it would actually save everyone a lot of effort because those gaps were the most terrifying spots in the entire two Outer Cities’ formations. Essentially, every step of the space was filled with kill arrays.
Even formation masters among human cultivators might not make it out once they entered, let alone those demon beasts whose spiritual sense had not yet awakened.
Jonathan looked at Sirius next to him and asked curiously, “What are your plans after leaving this city?”
“Burn down this small world!” With a stern expression, Sirius spoke without any hesitation, his words exuding absolute seriousness.
Uh… Jonathan looked at Sirius in astonishment, never expecting to receive such an answer.
Considering the relationship between Asura’s Office and the Blackwood family, Jonathan initially wanted to ask Sirius if he was willing to join him in his actions.
After all, they had a life-and-death bond in the outside world, especially in Merania. When Jonathan was being pursued by countless God Realm cultivators from the entire Remdikian Western Army, the Blackwood family knew that the opponents of the Asura’s Office were powerful. Yet, they did not hesitate to send people to receive Charleigh and Ksana.
From their actions, they had long earned the trust of Jonathan.
Moreover, according to the plan of the Blackwood family, they aimed to be the top family again.
Such a goal did not conflict with Jonathan’s long-standing desire to overthrow the eight great families.
Therefore, compared to the cultivators from the other respectable families, the one Jonathan most wanted to collaborate with was the man before him, Sirius.
But now, Sirius was completely consumed by hatred.
After entering the small world, five of the seven God Realm cultivators of the Blackwood family quickly gathered.
But then, they encountered a huge party of divine messengers from the North Outer City. During the resistance, two out of the five people died.
Sirius and the remaining two cultivators were also subjected to severe torture before being thrown into the dungeons of North Outer City.
If it weren’t for Jonathan saving him, he would have ended up like the other two, silently awaiting death in that dungeon.
Although Sirius was a scion of a respectable family, he was somewhat different from the rest. He placed great value on friendship and loyalty.
Sirius might’ve entered the small world initially for the potential treasures that might be found within.
However, all Sirius wanted to do now was to take revenge.
Still, Jonathan wondered if Sirius’ plan to get his revenge was a little too dangerous.
You intend to set the whole small world on fire?” Hayden, cradling his sniper rifle, spoke in a teasing manner.
Sirius looked at Hayden coldly. “The Blackwood family doesn’t need your talent for drawing formation. Dare to bother me again, and I’ll do away with you right now.”
“I…” Hayden loaded his gun, intending to aim at Sirius, but before he could act, he was blocked by Jonathan standing next to him.
“We still have over five kilometers to go before we reach the city gates. The commotion caused by Joshua earlier was quite significant and had drawn the attention of most people. Whatever you do, don’t mess things up now. One wrong move, and we’re all done for in this place.”
Hayden was merely posing with his gun, and since Jonathan spoke up, he naturally wouldn’t continue to argue with Sirius.
Although they’d been trying hard to conceal themselves, they were, after all, in the Outer City. Hence, how could they possibly not run into anyone?
As they ran, a group of Black Armor soldiers appeared in the distance, heading straight toward him. “They are the ones! Show them no mercy!”

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