The Legendary Man Chapter 1321

Chapter 1321 Six Protecting One
The four training grounds of North Outer City were strategically located at each of the city’s corners.
Joshua had disrupted one training ground with his spiritual soldiers, while Jonathan had beheaded the commander, plunging that training ground into chaos.

Word of this disturbance had reached the other training grounds, prompting them to send personnel for inspection. Unfortunately, the route they had chosen to follow, hugging closely to the city wall, had led them directly into the path of Jonathan’s group.

“What should we do?” Stellario shouted loudly, looking at Jonathan.

Jonathan gazed at the distant gate, his eyes revealing a hint of determination.

“The distance from here to the gate is less than five kilometers. If we go underground, it will take at least three times longer. It might even give them time to prepare, and then we won’t be able to escape.”

When he heard Jonathan’s words, Stellario’s spiritual energy surged, and the palm-sized black dagger in his hand transformed into a long and slender saber nearly as tall as a person.

“You’ve been dilly-dallying for so long. All you want is to kill, right?”


A gunshot rang out from Jonathan’s side, and when it came to speed, nobody could beat Hayden.

The head of the commander within the Black Armor Legion column practically exploded in an instant, dissolving into a mist of blood in the air.

The threat of a sniper rifle was not as significant for Gold Realm cultivators, and for someone like Jonathan, an outsider cultivator, dodging bullets from a sniper rifle was straightforward. All he had to do was maintain high-speed irregular movements to minimize the chances of getting hit.
However, the small world’s cultivators were unaware of these tactics.
In their concept, there was no magical item that could achieve such terrifying speed.
Even though throwing knives and flying swords were dangerous, and spiritual control cultivators were invincible, everyone in this battle was a Gold Realm cultivator, and all attacks, no matter how swift, had some traceable pattern.
What they didn’t know was that the deteriorated training environment in the outside world had given rise to a product called technology.

This was a fifty-person squad sent to investigate the disturbance in one of the training grounds.

When their commander’s head was blown off with a single shot, everyone was briefly stunned.
However, even such a momentary hesitation was enough to cost them their lives.
Jonathan and his group, armed with weapons, split into five directions and charged straight into the ranks of the Black Armor Legion.
The Heaven Sword flickered, its sharp blade easily slicing through the Black Armor soldier’s armor.
Amidst cries of agony, they provided mutual cover and launched a one-sided massacre.
Warriors displayed courage, and Jonathan’s group, fighting for their survival, faced the ultimate showdown, staking everything on this battle.
On the other hand, the Black Armor Legion had initially set out to investigate some information at the training ground and hadn’t expected to engage in combat.
This was especially true when, in their first confrontation, Hayden’s shot shattered the commander’s head.
The group was already bewildered, and encountering Jonathan’s team of unconventional killers only added to their confusion. One by one, they discarded their armor and fled without a trace of fighting spirit.
“Not one of them can escape!” Jonathan shouted loudly to Hayden, who was perched on an octagonal tower, cradling the sniper rifle in his arms.
Hayden sat in silence, continuously squeezing the trigger.
Bang! Bang! Bang!
The sniper rifle kept firing, and the escaping cultivators fell to the ground one after another. None of them managed to get back up.

Sirius, wielding his long spear, pierced through the last person’s head, then gasped heavily and tossed the body aside.

In less than a minute, they had taken down fifty Gold Realm cultivators.

Such an achievement was awe-inspiring to anyone who heard it.

“Collect all of their storage bags and look for the emerald access badge,” Jonathan ordered.

He tossed out two throwing knives, expertly manipulating them with spiritual energy as they swiftly cut through the belts on the corpses.

Using the same method, they flew the storage bags into the air.

The rest of the group followed suit, each one beginning to loot the spoils.
After landing, Hayden joined Jonathan, and they both disappeared into a nearby alley, continuing their pursuit.
“None here!”
“Me neither!”
“Nothing on my end!”
They reported the contents of their storage bags to Jonathan in hushed voices.
Jonathan continued to investigate his own storage bag, still finding nothing.
“It looks like we’ll have to trouble Joshua to use the Formation Crusher later,” Jonathan remarked.
However, he noticed Hayden beside him, strapping a black forearm guard onto his arm.
“What are you doing?”
“I’m going to infiltrate the enemy’s ranks. Our current appearance is too conspicuous. Just look at what we’re wearing—colorful and eye-catching. Anyone can tell we’re outsiders.”
Jonathan and the others lowered their heads to look at their clothing.
Initially, they had followed Neil’s advice and changed into clothing from the small world to infiltrate North Outer City.
However, after the battle at the governor’s residence, they were injured, and their clothing became torn and tattered. Later, they had all switched back to their own attire.
Jonathan was in a bloodstained tracksuit, Stellario wore the Mallory family’s distinctive green shirt, Kathleen had her protective magical item silk robe, and Sirius was in his training attire.
“No wonder that guy earlier could recognize us as fugitives from a hundred meters away,” Stellario muttered under his breath, then turned and walked away.
Though Jonathan and the others were a bit slower, they all turned around.
Returning to change into new clothes would indeed cost them some time, but considering the potential battles that lay ahead, this time spent seemed entirely worthwhile.
They scavenged black armor from the bodies of the fallen Black Armor soldiers. Kathleen, who was skilled in disguise, took it a step further by crafting a personal face mask from the flesh of one of the soldiers.
She even modified her spiritual energy fluctuations with a hidden spell. Despite witnessing Kathleen’s transformation firsthand, no one could spot any flaws in her disguise on the imposing figure before them.
Jonathan also released Joshua.
After the recent battle, he was confident that Stellario and the others had realized their predicament.
They wouldn’t dare to harm Joshua again before leaving this Outer City.
Helping Joshua into his black armor, Jonathan briefly recounted the recent events to him.
Joshua responded with a reassuring nod.
“Don’t worry. I can break open the gates of North Outer City. I’ll ensure your safety,” Joshua stated firmly.
Jonathan looked at his companions across from him and calmly said, “I have your back.”
Hayden stood beside them, and the group of seven once again split into two teams.
Sirius let out a faint sigh.
“While I really want to seize the treasure, I’m more concerned about revenge now. You go ahead and do what you need to do; I’ll make sure you stay safe.”

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