The Mans Decree Chapter 3602

But now, the red figure in front of him had no consciousness field, so the Demon Flogger was of no use.

Kai put away the Demon Flogger and swung his Dragonslayer Sword, enveloping the red figure in rays of light.

However, the rays of light also passed through without causing any harm to the red figure.

At this moment, Kai panicked. The red figure should have a physical body. Why can’t even the Dragonslayer Sword cause any harm?

As Kai was deep in thought, the red figure made his move, striking Kai and forcing him to retreat once again.

Kai spat out another mouthful of blood, his complexion growing even more ghastly.

For a moment, no matter what tactics Kai employed, he couldn’t harm the red figure in the slightest. Instead, he was the one who ended up taking the hits.

Kai was no longer on the offensive; instead, he was constantly evading using Blazing Stride, all the while contemplating how to deal with the red figure.

How could he possibly defeat a nearly invincible entity?

Even so, Kai couldn’t outlast his opponent in this drawn-out battle. After all, the enemy had a powerful formation continuously supplying him with strength.

Within this formation, the red figure was virtually invincible.

“Do I have to break the formation first?”

Kai furrowed his brows, completely at a loss for what to do.

He was growing increasingly anxious, which only served to slow his movements, allowing the red figure to strike him repeatedly.

Fortunately, Kai possessed Golem Body, and coupled with his own robust physique, he managed to withstand the blow without being defeated.

If it were anyone else, they would have been beaten to a pulp by now.

Battling a cultivator at the Eighth Level of Tribulator would be impossible even for a genius at the second level of Tribulator.

Such a vast gap in level couldn’t be bridged by talent alone.

“Mr. Chance, don’t panic. Try to trap him first, then focus on breaking the formation. As long as you can break the formation, he will no longer pose a threat,” Faiyar comforted the somewhat anxious Kai.

If Kai continued like this, even with his robust physique, he wouldn’t be able to withstand it.

“Let me give it a try…”

Upon hearing Faiyar’s words, Kai began to calm down. He used his agility to dodge and then started to make hand seals.

In this huge formation, Kai intended to trap the red figure by setting up a smaller formation.

Soon, golden chains materialized on the ground. Kai used a formation combined with metal nascence to trap the red figure.

Golden chains cruelly coiled around the legs of the red figure, swiftly enveloping his entire body.

The red figure struggled and roared incessantly.

Upon seeing the situation, Kai no longer paid attention to the red figure and looked at the large formation around him.

The array runes on the ground were still soaked with blood.

The blood of the Demonic Cultivators continuously provided power to the bizarre, red creature. The array runes were incredibly complex. Kai furrowed his brows, searching for the location of the core.

The red figure continued to roar, which only served to increase Kai’s anxiety. The more he roared, the harder it was for him to locate the core of the formation.

Suddenly, the iron chains that had been entwining the red figure broke into several sections.

Freed from his shackles, he made a beeline for Kai.

“Mr. Chance, be careful…” Montane Daemon shouted out a warning to Kai.

Kai was startled. He had no time to react before he was sent flying by a slap from the red figure.

His body harshly collided with the edge of the large formation, only to be rebounded back.

He coughed violently, blood continuously dripping from his mouth.

Everyone grew worried.

Kai struggled to get up while staring at the red figure before him. Suddenly, the Dragon Bell appeared in mid-air.

The massive Dragon Bell emitted a resonating hum, causing ripples to spread throughout the entire void.

Subsequently, the Dragon Bell descended, enveloping the red figure.

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