The Mans Decree Chapter 3604

“Where is Mr. Chance?” Cloud asked in great surprise.

“Where is he? Where is Kai?” Worry filled Catina’s eyes.

“Why did he disappear?” Montane Daemon was also extremely puzzled.

Tyler furrowed his brows slightly and said, “Mr. Chance must have set up an illusion array within the blood array. That’s why when we looked over, he seemed to have disappeared, but in reality, he’s still inside!”

“Illusion array? What is Mr. Chance doing setting up an illusion array? Why didn’t he break this formation and hurry out?” Igor asked.

“Mr. Chance probably wants to preserve this formation plate. If it were truly broken, then this formation plate would be completely useless,” Tyler speculated.

“Why keep the formation plate? Mr. Chance’s own mastery of formation techniques is not low. Why would he care about this one formation plate?”

Igor couldn’t understand why Kai would care about this formation plate if he could set up a formation at will.

Tyler glanced at Igor and said, “Perhaps it’s not for Mr. Chance’s personal use. This formation plate could be considered a divine weapon for the Demonic Cultivators of blood demon descent.”

Igor was instantly stunned.

Kai did not destroy the core of the formation and preserved the formation plate for his sake.

He was taking a significant risk.

Igor looked at the formation, and although he couldn’t see Kai’s figure, his eyes were filled with deep emotion.

A close friend will sacrifice his life for a friend.

At that moment, Igor silently swore to himself that if Kai were to face any danger, he would not hesitate to risk his own life to protect him.

Within the formation, Kai, with demonic fire dancing in his palm, swung his hand. A fireball shot out, directly enveloping the physical bodies of the Hoover brothers.

Immediately following, the scent of roasted meat wafted through the air, and in an instant, the bodies of the Hoover brothers had turned to ashes.

After the Hoover brothers’ bodies had turned to ashes, the red figure within the Dragon Bell let out a mournful scream.

Subsequently, the booming voice of Maverick echoed out.

“Kid, do you think you can subdue us by destroying our physical bodies? Within this formation, we possess the ability to instantly restore our physical bodies. Don’t delude yourself into thinking you can defeat us.”

Maverick did not feel the slightest bit of anger even though his physical body had been destroyed.

“Is that so? If that formation no longer existed, and your physical bodies were destroyed, could you still instantly restore them?” Kai asked in a teasing manner.

“This is a celestial formation plate left behind from the Celestial Battle, etched by the immortals and demons. How could you, a mere Second Level Tribulator cultivator, possibly break this formation?” Maverick simply didn’t believe a word Kai said.

“No matter who designed the formation plate, as long as the core was found, the entire formation would become as fragile as paper. I merely needed to touch it lightly, and it would break. You exploited the blood of our clansmen to continuously supply energy, but you forgot that the energy within that blood would converge at the core of the formation, fueling the formation. All I needed to do was follow the scent of the blood, and I could effortlessly locate the core of the formation.” Kai spoke with full confidence.

Maverick fell silent immediately.

Although they possessed a formation plate, capable of activating a large formation, they were not formation masters. Hence, they were somewhat skeptical about what Kai had said.

However, it was quite clear that Maverick seemed to have somewhat believed in what Kai had said.

“Maverick, don’t listen to this kid’s nonsense. He’s not a formation master. How could he possibly understand these things? He’s just trying to deceive us.” Broden began to speak.

“Did I deceive you? You’ll know once I let you out to see for yourself.”

With a wave of his hand, Kai sent the Dragon Bell soaring into the air, and it returned directly to his Storage Ring.

The red figure was released, and he scanned his surroundings. Following this, his eyes radiated with disbelief.

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