The Mans Decree Chapter 3605

“The formation really is gone. It’s broken…” Maverick’s voice could be heard through the red figure’s mouth.

“Kid, even if you’ve managed to break our formation, don’t think you can escape,” Broden roared in anger.

“Who said I was planning to escape? Without this formation, how long can you maintain your current state? Moreover, your physical bodies have already turned to ashes. I have a hundred ways to make your lives worse than death,” Kai said with a teasing look.

The Hoover brothers were thrown into a panic.

Without the formation, they simply couldn’t maintain this state for long.

“Kid, since you’ve destroyed our physical bodies, we will take possession of yours. Your body seems quite robust. We can even use it to settle our affairs when the time comes.”

The red figure charged straight toward Kai, his crimson eyes filled with murderous intent.

Upon seeing the two people being fooled, Kai immediately breathed a sigh of relief.

The fact that they actually wanted to seize his own body filled his heart with wild joy.

Not just anyone could destroy Kai’s consciousness field. Besides, within Kai’s consciousness field resided the Golden Tome, which no one could shake.

“Faiyar, when these two attempt to seize my body, you mustn’t reveal yourself. Just stay quietly within my consciousness field,” Kai said.

Faiyar nodded. “Mr. Chance, I understand. They’re naive to dare to challenge you.”

Kai watched as the red figure charged toward him, and with a single punch, he struck him down.

However, this punch directly penetrated the body of the red figure, and following that, countless fine mists of blood rapidly invaded Kai’s body.

Kai’s bones and meridians trembled for a moment, after which the blood mist headed straight for Kai’s consciousness field.

The blood mist pervaded the air, causing Kai’s consciousness field to tremble. Kai himself appeared to be in extreme agony.

He let out a miserable cry, much to the delight of the Hoover brothers.

The souls of the two brothers began relentlessly assailing Kai’s consciousness field, intent on seizing control of his body.

Swiftly, Kai was completely enveloped by the blood mist.

Immediately after, Kai’s eyes lost their light, and the red figure abruptly disintegrated, transforming into a cloud of blood mist.

This cloud of blood mist also entered Kai’s body.

“Maverick, it’s done…”

The voice of Broden surprisingly echoed from Kai’s mouth.

“Indeed, it worked. This young man’s physical body is truly robust. When the time comes to seize another body for you, we will live freely again.”

Maverick expressed his satisfaction wholeheartedly.

“Maverick, this young man has a robust physique, and he also possesses lightning nascence. I desire his body. It’s the most compatible with us both.”

Broden also admired Kai’s physique.

Maverick did not want to give up Kai’s physical body, so he said, “Broden, this kid’s nascence space surely can’t compare to yours. When the time comes, I’ll find a way to get you another body, one that possesses lightning nascence.”

“All right. I’ll first see just how vast his nascence space truly is. He even has the audacity to boast that his nascence space is as vast as the cosmos…”

As Broden spoke, he entered Kai’s nascence space.

Upon entering Kai’s nascence, Broden was instantly stunned.

At that moment, he felt as though he was in the cosmos, surrounded by a sky full of stars, among which a few shone with exceptional brightness.

“This is just too d*mn absurd!”

Broden was so shocked that his jaw nearly dropped.

He hadn’t expected that what Kai had said was actually true. Astonishingly, he had even contemplated using his own nascence power to make Kai explode.

Looking back now, he thought it was simply laughable.

“Broden, what did you see?” Maverick asked.

“Maverick, come quick. His nascence space is actually as big as the cosmos,” Broden said excitedly.

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