The Mans Decree Chapter 3606

Maverick also entered Kai’s nascence space.

As he gazed upon everything before him, Maverick was dumbstruck. He had never imagined that Kai’s nascence space would actually be the cosmos.

He had once ventured into Broden’s nascence space, which was a vast expanse of lakes and oceans, stretching as far as the eye could see.

He thought that this kind of nascence space was already quite vast. However, Broden’s nascence space was simply nothing compared with Kai’s.

“His nascence space is so big. This is truly unbelievable!” Maverick exclaimed in astonishment.

Seizing the opportunity, Broden demanded Kai’s physical body, “Maverick please give me this body. With such a vast nascence space, I can make good use of it. You haven’t yet comprehended nascence, so even if you were to seize it, it wouldn’t be of much use to you.”

Maverick fell silent. In truth, he too admired Kai’s physique. It was incredibly robust.

However, he hadn’t comprehended nascence, so this nascence space was useless to him.

Just as Maverick was at a loss for how to respond, Kai’s voice surprisingly echoed from all directions.

“This body of mine is not something you significant lots can just take over as you please. Do you really think you can attempt the impossible?”

Kai’s voice was laden with heavy sarcasm.

“D*mn it, this kid still has some spiritual sense left. He hasn’t been fully possessed yet. Let’s destroy his consciousness field first.”

Having said that, Maverick, along with Broden, left the nascence space and entered into Kai’s consciousness field.

Just as the Hoover brothers were preparing to strike at Kai’s consciousness field, a sudden glimmer of gold unexpectedly flashed within Kai’s consciousness field.

The Golden Tome radiated a golden glow. This golden light shone upon the Hoover brothers, causing them to feel discomfort throughout their bodies as if they were being melted by the golden light.

“You two reckless fools have truly overestimated your abilities. How dare you covet Mr. Chance’s body?”

Faiyar appeared from Kai’s consciousness field.

“There’s someone in his consciousness field. And what is this golden light? It makes me feel so uncomfortable,” Broden exclaimed.

“Broden, hurry, leave this kid’s consciousness field,” Maverick urged.

“What’s wrong, Maverick?” Broden asked in confusion.

“His consciousness field is overwhelmingly vast, and his spiritual sense is boundless. It’s impossible for us to seize control of him. We’ve been duped. He lured us into his body on purpose.”

Maverick was about to run off, dragging Broden along with him.

However, before he could make a move, Kai’s spiritual sense in the consciousness field surged like a sea, directly enveloping the Hoover brothers.

Then, under the golden light of the Golden Tome, the souls of the Hoover brothers were swiftly devoured, leaving nothing behind.

Until their death, the Hoover brothers never imagined that their current predicament was a direct result of their attempt to invade Kai’s consciousness field and seize control of his physical body.

Kai’s consciousness field was not as they had imagined. The illusion array set up by Kai gradually faded, revealing Kai’s figure.

However, the red figure had already disappeared, and the blood within the entire Sacrificial Blood Array was slowly draining away.

The Hoover brothers died, and with their demise, the formation gradually ceased to operate. Subsequently, it transformed back into a formation plate, falling to the ground.

Upon seeing the formation disappear, everyone rushed forward.

“Kai, are you all right?”

“Mr. Chance, are you injured?”

“Master, I was so scared…”

Catina and Feenix were all extremely worried.

After all, Kai had just reached the Second Level of Tribulator. How could he possibly be a match for the red figure?

“I’m fine.”

Kai gave a slight smile, then handed the formation plate to Igor, saying, “Mr. Lothian, the Blood Spirit Valley has suffered such a catastrophe, and your strength has been severely damaged. I’m giving you this formation plate. With it, you can recruit some followers and restore the Blood Spirit Valley.”

With trembling hands, Igor took the formation plate, tears streaming ceaselessly from his eyes. He didn’t even know what to say.

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