The Mans Decree Chapter 3607

“Let’s hurry up and leave. If we run into anyone else, it will be troublesome,” Tyler said.

They were all injured, and Kai himself had been in continuous battle. If more people were to come, it would spell trouble.

“All right, let’s go…” Montane Daemon nodded.

Kai, along with a few others, set off toward Forlisle once again. However, they had barely taken a few steps when they were met by an imposing crowd of hundreds coming their way.

They had thought these people had no idea who Kai was, and it would be best if they could just bluff their way through.

However, as soon as the others drew near, everyone’s expressions changed instantly.

To everyone’s surprise, the person leading the group was none other than Russell, Russell from Henningsen City.

Behind him, a vast crowd of over a hundred people followed, dressed in all sorts of attire. They likely did not belong to a single clan or noble family.

Upon seeing Kai, Russell immediately sneered, “Kid, I’d like to see where you can run to today… This young man is Kai. Anyone who can kill him can exchange for a hundred years of offering from the Demon Seal Alliance…”

The single statement from Russell set off a chorus of uproarious shouts from the hundreds of people behind him.

Every person’s eyes were filled with greed. They wished they could rush forward and kill Kai immediately.

And there Kai and his companions were, facing hundreds of people, each of their faces ashen as if they were staring at death itself.

Even Kai had lost his fighting spirit.

Even if he were more formidable, what could he possibly do when faced with hundreds of Tribulator cultivators?

Upon seeing Kai and the others, whose faces were ashen and who were devoid of any will to fight, Russell coldly snorted. “Today, I shall avenge the head of our family.”

After he finished speaking, Russell waved his hand, and hundreds of cultivators rushed toward Kai with loud cries.

Just as they made a move, they heard a strange thumping sound echoing from the distance. Immediately following that, the earth began to tremble, as if a myriad of horses were galloping across it.

Suddenly, the sky turned ominously dark, casting an intangible pressure that weighed heavily on everyone’s hearts.

Across the land, smoke and dust rolled in like ocean waves.

Everyone looked around in shock.

Countless flying creatures were fluttering their wings in the sky.

On the ground, there were hundreds of various demon beasts, emitting deafening roars.

Lion Archon, Monkey Archon, Thousand-Faced Demon Archon, and Leopard King slowly approached.

A sense of relief instantly washed over Kai when he saw them.

Catina laughed lightly. “Your timing couldn’t have been better. Otherwise, you might have never seen me again…”

“Fox Queen, it doesn’t matter whether we see you or not. We just don’t want Ms. Feenix to suffer.”

Monkey Archon looked at Feenix with a sly and ingratiating expression.

“Monkey, it’s indeed worth it for me to have helped you so much in the past,” Feenix said excitedly. Russell looked at the few beast race members, his face contorted.

“How dare you from the beast race oppose the Demon Seal Alliance?” Russell exclaimed in anger.

Monkey Archon looked disdainfully at Russell. “So what if we oppose the Demon Seal Alliance? You are merely an elder of the Henningsen family. Even your family head is only a minor branch leader of the Demon Seal Alliance. He doesn’t represent the entire Alliance. If you know what’s good for you, you’d better leave immediately. If you disturb Ms. Feenix, I’ll beat the cr*p out of you.”


Russell was so furious that his face turned beet red.

“Feenix, you all should go now. We few can handle things here,” Thousand-Faced Demon Archon said to Feenix.

“All right. You all be careful too.” Feenix nodded, then turned to Kai. “Master, let’s go…”

Kai nodded, then followed Feenix and the others as they left.

Russell and the hundreds of cultivators were flustered. Due to the presence of the beast race members, they dared not act rashly.

“We absolutely cannot let the hundred-year offering from the Demon Seal Alliance escape. We must risk everything…”

Someone succumbed to temptation and made a move against Kai.

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