The Mans Decree Chapter 3609

After leaving the Summers residence, Kai and his companions hurried back to the Blood Spirit Valley at the fastest speed possible.

They didn’t take the airship, as it was too conspicuous and could easily be spotted by others.

Only after returning to the Blood Spirit Valley that Kai and his companions could finally breathe a sigh of relief.

Upon seeing Kai and the others return, Rosetta quickly rushed to greet them. “Dad, Mr. Chance, you’re finally back. We’ve been worried sick.”

“Master, did you find the person who massacred many of our fellow apprentices?” Dalton asked.

He wished fervently that he could immediately avenge his fellow apprentices.

Igor shook his head. “We didn’t find them. The telepathic beast led us to the Five Great Sects, but it wasn’t their doing. They have only been here, leaving behind their aura.”

Upon hearing that they hadn’t been found, Dalton furrowed his brows and said, “Master, what should we do? Did our fellow apprentices die in vain?”

Igor let out a sigh. He too was unsure of what to do.

“Mr. Lothian, don’t lose heart. I’ll try to activate the time magical item in my hand and see if we can travel back to the time when the Blood Spirit Valley was annihilated,” Kai comforted.

Kai held the time magical item of Whalreth in his hands. Whalreth had even passed on the incantation to him. Kai himself wasn’t entirely confident whether he could use it or not. However, it was worth a try.

“Mr. Chance, you’ve returned…”

Hanes, accompanied by several disciples from Soulless Hall, walked over.

Kai nodded, then looked at Hanes with a vigilant gaze.

After all, many people knew that his worth now was equivalent to a hundred-year offering from the Demon Seal Alliance.

Although the transmission of the message was random, Kai believed that among the many people in Soulless Hall, one of them must have received the Decree of Execution from the Demon Seal Alliance.

If Soulless Hall was also tempted by the hundred-year offerings from the Demon Seal Alliance, Kai must be careful.

Upon seeing Kai’s vigilant gaze, Hanes seemed to have thought of something. He moved closer to Kai, his face serious as he said, “Mr. Chance, I’m aware of the Demon Seal Alliance’s order to kill you, and I also know that the Alliance rewards a hundred years of offerings. However, Mr. Chance, please rest assured that it’s absolutely impossible for Soulless Hall to assist the Demon Seal Alliance any longer. Furthermore, we will never lay a hand on you. If you don’t trust me, I can immediately leave this place with my disciples.”

Kai looked at Hanes, giving an awkward smile as he said, “Mr. Soulton, I trust you. You should continue to reside in the Blood Spirit Valley for now. It’s still safe here. Now that you’ve left the Demon Seal Alliance, the members of the Alliance are undoubtedly searching for you extensively.”

“Mr. Chance, thank you for your trust. If there ever comes a time when you need us, I will not refuse.”

Hanes expressed his gratitude.

Soulless Hall was merely a subordinate entity within the Demon Seal Alliance. Should it dare to defy orders, it would be subjected to severe punishment.

After all, the status of a Demonic Cultivator was not high in the entire Ethereal Realm.

Those Demonic Cultivators who were unwilling to cooperate with the Demon Seal Alliance would all be slaughtered. The Demon Seal Alliance aimed to bring all the Demonic Cultivators from the Ethereal Realm under their control.

Nowadays, the place where Demonic Cultivators could live peacefully was none other than the region around Demonia Mountain. They were relatively tolerant toward Demonic Cultivators, unlike other places where they would be exterminated on sight

This also resulted in the southern region having the highest number of Demonic Cultivators, especially around Demonia Mountain.

Kai rested for a day in the Blood Spirit Valley, then began to delve into the study of Whalreth’s timepiece.

Although there was an incantation, Kai struggled to comprehend its meaning.

He knew that in order to activate the time magical item, he needed to intuitively grasp the progression of time and truly discern its rhythm.

While everyone could sense the relentless progression of time, only a handful genuinely experienced its journey.

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