An Understated Dominance by Marina Vittori Chapter 2189

Chapter 2189

As soon as these words came out, everyone looked to the other side in unison.

There, a huge bronze cauldron was quietly placed.

This huge bronze cauldron is nearly five meters high. It looks like a hill when it stands there. Just looking at it makes people avoid it.

Since the test, many people have challenged the 50,000-jin cauldron, but no one has ever dared to touch the 100,000-jin cauldron.

You know, at the level of one hundred thousand kilograms, it is no longer something that an innate warrior can attempt.

Only those at the martial arts master level are qualified to challenge the one hundred thousand kilogram cauldron.

The problem is that all participating martial arts masters do not need to test at all. They can register directly and be assigned to the highest level Group A.

This creates a very strange paradox.

Only martial arts masters can be lifted up, and martial arts masters do not need to prove themselves in this way.

Therefore, this huge cauldron weighing 100,000 kilograms basically becomes a decoration here.

So far, no one has been shaken.

So after hearing Yan Buqi’s words, all the warriors had a question in their minds?

Can Dustin and Ma Wang lift the giant cauldron weighing 100,000 kilograms?

If you can’t lift it, how can you try?

“What nonsense are you talking about? Who can lift a tripod weighing one hundred thousand kilograms? Stop being ridiculous!” Niu Mang snorted.

Even the horse king who took the Tiger Roar Pill could not shake the giant cauldron weighing one hundred thousand kilograms.

This thing is not only heavy, but also very huge and difficult to lift.

To lift it up, it would take at least hundreds of thousands of kilograms of strength.

“Just because you can’t do it doesn’t mean that others can’t do it. How can a short-sighted person like you know how powerful Brother Dustin is?” Yan Buqi said sarcastically.

“You fart!” Niu Mang glared and shouted: “If this kid can lift a 100,000-jin cauldron, I will eat the cauldron directly!”

“What? You want to cheat on food and drink here again?”

Yan Buqi smiled jokingly, then turned to Dustin and said: “Brother Dustin, since this person has such an appetite, then show him your hand and let him eat to his fullest at once!”

“no problem.”

Dustin smiled and walked straight to the 100,000-jin giant cauldron without saying anything.

The giant cauldron was nearly five meters high. Standing in front of it, Dustin looked extremely small, as if he was blocking a car with his arms.

“No way? Is he really going to challenge the 100,000-jin giant cauldron?”

“In my opinion, this is nothing more than flattery. A giant cauldron weighing one hundred thousand kilograms cannot be shaken except by a master of martial arts!”

“That’s right! This giant cauldron has been left there for many days, and no one has dared to touch it yet. Even if this person is very powerful, it is impossible for him to succeed in the challenge!”


The warriors were pointing and talking.

In their opinion, Dustin’s behavior was completely overestimating his own capabilities.

I just had a duel with the King of Horses and gained a slight advantage, but then I suddenly swelled up and couldn’t even tell how much I weighed.

“Hmph! You do not know how to live or die! I want to see how capable you are!” Ma Wang sneered, looking like he was watching a show.

If Dustin dared to challenge the giant cauldron of 100,000 kilograms by leapfrogging, he would most likely end up with his meridians bursting and being seriously injured and vomiting blood.

By then, he will have a chance!


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