An Understated Dominance by Marina Vittori Chapter 2190

 Chapter 2190

If it were a head-on confrontation, Horse King would not be sure of victory.

But if Dustin was seriously injured due to challenging the 100,000-jin giant cauldron, the situation would be completely different.

He can win this bet without any effort and vent his hatred!

“Hey! Boy! Don’t you want me to eat the cauldron? Why doesn’t it move? If you have the guts, try lifting the cauldron!”

Seeing Dustin standing in front of the tripod without moving, Niu Mang couldn’t help but sneer and sneer.

In his opinion, the other party was obviously afraid.

Faced with such a behemoth, I simply don’t know where to start.

“Why are you in such a hurry? I’m just thinking about where should you start?” Dustin looked up and down at the giant cauldron.

“Hmph! Sharp teeth and sharp mouth!”

Niu Mang curled his lips and said disdainfully: “If you have the ability, don’t talk nonsense, speak directly with your strength. As long as you can lift a hundred thousand catties giant cauldron, I will eat it clean in front of everyone!”

“It seems you are really hungry.”

Dustin shook his head and smiled: “Okay, since you like eating so much, then I will make it happen for you.”

As soon as he finished speaking, he suddenly took action, grabbed the foot of the giant cauldron, and then lifted it up suddenly.


Just hearing a roar, the giant cauldron shook off a lot of dust, and even the ground began to shake slightly.

Immediately afterwards, under the gaze of everyone, in the eyes of everyone in disbelief.

The huge cauldron, like a hill, began to rise slowly…

“It’s moving, it’s moving! The giant cauldron is moving!”

“F*ck! No way? Can he really lift it up?”

“Oh my god! This guy is really born with supernatural powers!”

Seeing the giant cauldron of 100,000 kilograms slowly suspended in the air, the whole audience was shocked.

Everyone’s eyes widened, looking shocked.

They really didn’t expect that the big cauldron that no one had shaken so far would be lifted up by Dustin.

“Wait! I…did I read that correctly? He, he, he…he actually only used one hand?!”

“What? Holding the cauldron with one hand?!”

“Oh my god! Is this guy still human?!”

“Monster! What a monster!”


When Chen Lu was seen lifting the giant cauldron with only one hand, the whole scene was boiling.

Everyone was stunned and their eyes looked like they were looking at a monster.

A giant cauldron of one hundred thousand kilograms cannot be touched by anyone below the level of a grandmaster.

But now, Dustin not only raised the cauldron, but also used only one hand.

If this isn’t a monster, what is it?

“How… how is it possible? He actually lifted it up?”

Niu Mang was so frightened that his scalp was numb and all the hairs on his body stood up.

He never dreamed that Dustin would have such magical power.

You know, that is a huge cauldron weighing one hundred thousand kilograms!

No one has ever lifted it yet.

But Dustin did it, and he looked very relaxed.

Is this guy a human or a ghost? !

“No…impossible! Absolutely impossible!”

King Ma shook his head crazily, his face full of disbelief: “It’s impossible for him to lift a giant cauldron weighing one hundred thousand kilograms. It must be an illusion, an illusion!”


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