An Understated Dominance by Marina Vittori Chapter 2194

Chapter 2194

Dustin left.

After throwing down the giant cauldron, he left in such a cool manner, leaving everyone with a mysterious back.

At the same time, a question was also raised.

Did the tripod just thrown miss? Or was it intentional?

In comparison, everyone believed the latter more.

After all, how could a strong man who could lift a 100,000-jin cauldron with one hand make such a low-level mistake?

“Thank you Mr. Lu!”

Looking at Dustin’s retreating back, Meng Yao was moved and happy at the same time.

She knew that her senior brother had finally saved his life.

“Brother Dustin, do you really plan to let that person go?”

Yan Buqi caught up with Dustin and asked smoothly.

“A scared guy is nothing to be afraid of anymore.”

Dustin smiled faintly: “Besides, he is an elite disciple of Xuanwu Sect after all. If we really kill him, there will be some trouble, and I am a person who hates trouble very much.”

“I think you don’t hate trouble, but you care about beauty, right?” Yan Buqi smiled half-heartedly.

If Meng Yao hadn’t begged for mercy and even protected him with his life, King Ma would have turned into a puddle of mud.

“Brother Dustin! Wait!”

At this time, Xu Yang, who was at the back, suddenly caught up quickly. At the same time, he took out a golden number plate and handed it to Dustin, saying: “Brother Dustin, this is the identity card of the player in Group A. The referee asked me to here you are.”

“If you didn’t remind me, I almost forgot.” Dustin smiled and took the golden number plate.

The number plate has the logo of Longhu Mountain on the front, and a big “18” engraved on the back.

According to the registration order, he is the No. 18 player in Group A.

Those who can enter Group A are all martial arts masters.

In other words, there are seventeen master-level experts in front of Dustin.

Of course, Grandmaster is just the beginning, and there may be several great Grandmasters hidden among them!

It can be seen that this martial arts competition will be extremely fierce.

It is obviously not easy to stand out and win the first prize in one fell swoop.

“Brother Dustin, with this identity card in hand, you don’t have to participate in the audition competition ahead. This will save you a lot of trouble. Now you only need to recharge your batteries and wait until the day of the competition to become a blockbuster!” Xu Yang said happily! road.

“There are so many experts in this martial arts competition. As for me, I just want to join in the fun and see how much I weigh.” Dustin said with a faint smile.

“Brother Lu is so humble. As long as you don’t encounter those monsters on the genius list in advance, you will definitely get a good ranking!” Xu Yang said as if he believed in you.

There is no need to think about winning the championship or anything else, it is a game for the top geniuses.

People like them who can stand out in martial arts competitions are already considered very good.

After all, this martial arts competition held in Longhu Mountain gathered talented experts from all over the country, and it was full of gold.

Those who can enter the top 100, even if they are successful, will be popular no matter where they go.

And those who can reach the top ten are the goals that all sects compete for.

With Dustin’s strength, it is definitely safe to break into the top 100. If he is lucky, he has a good chance of reaching the top ten.

“We’ll talk about impacting the rankings later. The top priority is to deal with the killer hiding in the dark.” Yan Buqi put the topic on the right track.

“That’s right! If the killer is not found, all of us will be in danger!” Liu Hongxue said with a serious face.


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