The Amazing Son In Law Chapter 6284

Mark quickly asked him, “Bruce, how do you feel?”

Bruce Weinstein gritted his teeth and said, “It hurts even more now!”

Mark wiped his sweat and warned him, “You have to endure it no matter how painful it is. I have to give it to you first.” You finish the examination.”

Bruce Weinstein nodded desperately, suppressing the urge to open the window and jump out, and asked Mark to do several examinations for him.

After several examinations, Mark said doubtfully, “There is no blood clot, nothing special. This is too weird.”

After that, he looked at Bruce Weinstein and said seriously, “At the moment, it seems that it won’t happen for a while.” It may be possible to find out the cause, but your current situation is indeed very special. Such high-intensity congestion cannot be controlled, and your tissue already shows signs of hypoxia and necrosis. If it is not cut off as soon as possible, it may cause systemic Severe sepsis can be life-threatening…”

Bruce Weinstein was so angry that he yelled, “Mark, I want you to find a way to cure it and find a way to make him return to normal.You don’t have to cut it off as soon as it comes up! Hasn’t your hospital ever encountered such a situation?

Mark said seriously, “Bruce, you have to trust my medical experience. If it’s just an ordinary long-term congestion, we have many ways to intervene. But your situation is different. This color means that the tissue has been necrotic. ” Well, it’s impossible to save necrotic tissue, otherwise there wouldn’t be so many amputees. “

As he said, Mark added, “Professional doctors can actually judge the quality of the tissue at a glance, and whether amputation is necessary for treatment and intervention. Many patients are unwilling to accept the reality of needing amputation, so we give them the best treatment at the beginning. When amputation is recommended, they generally don’t believe it. Many people will even drag their stumps around among major hospitals, trying to find a miracle. But in this case, almost 90% of patients When he persisted until the end, he had no choice but to accept amputation. “

Bruce Weinstein quickly asked, “What about the remaining 10? Did you experience a medical miracle?

“Medical miracle? ” “Mark shook his head. “The remaining 10 were unwilling to have their limbs amputated, and they really died in the end. Bruce

Weinstein asked desperately, “I don’t want it… I can’t accept it… Even if you chop off one of my legs, you might as well chop it off for me!” Mark said helplessly, “

As far as the current situation is concerned, I really have no other good solution. How about I contact relevant experts?” “

As he said, Mark reminded you, “But I want to make it clear to you in advance. At this time, most experts have gone home from work. Even if I can find someone willing to help you with treatment, he will come here. It’s not going too fast, so would you mind letting me take a video? Let them consult with you via video.

Bruce Weinstein covered his face and blurted out, “Hurry up and shoot! ” The more carefully you take the photo, the better! “

Mark quickly took out his mobile phone, took a video and sent it to the experts he knew in the related field.

Soon, he received replies from these experts one after another.

Without exception, every expert replied with the same two parts.

Chapter 1 Part of the content is their amazement at the video content, because none of them have seen this kind of disease in their lives;

and the second part of the content is that almost everyone feels that there should be no other option except surgical removal.

Everyone Mark even let Bruce Weinstein see his reply, which made Bruce Weinstein even more desperate. He never dreamed that he just came out to meet Miss World for a while, but he hadn’t tasted the taste of Miss World yet. He was about to become a eunuch.

Bruce Weinstein was so broken that he would rather die than choose amputation. Mark had no choice but to say to him, “Generally speaking, tissue necrosis does not occur immediately. Normally speaking, tissue necrosis does not occur immediately.” You still have about 24 hours to think about it. When the tissue starts to fester, you will have to make a decision, but I can tell you responsibly that there is really no hope. “

As he spoke, he sighed sincerely, “I used to think that men must be tough, but today it seems that being tough is not a good thing…”

Bruce Weinstein suddenly thought of what Marven said to him today. Those words.

He also said that men are scary if they are not hard, but it is even more scary if they are too hard.

At this time, Bruce Weinstein’s eyes lit up, as if he had grasped a life-saving straw, and he whispered, “That man named wade said that.” It’s all true. Is there a way to cure him? ! “

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