The Amazing Son In Law Chapter 6285

When Gustavo used the remaining majesty of the drug lord in exchange for the bed next to charlie and couldn’t wait to get close to charlie, his pocket The cell phone inside suddenly buzzed.

He quickly took out his cell phone and looked down. The caller turned out to be Warden Bruce Weinstein.

Gustavo was a little surprised.

His first thought was, “Damn it, Bruce Weinstein, a bullshit little guy, dares to call me directly? Does he really think he’s a person?” He doesn’t know when it started

. Stavo was already visibly resistant to answering the phone.

He dislikes the feeling of answering the phone less and less. He always feels that when others call him, he will have an unpleasant experience. He prefers his subordinates to report to him respectfully in front of him, or to speak to him in a very respectful tone. Send text message. 

Of course, when it comes to giving orders, he still prefers to make phone calls because he likes the pleasure of direct output.

Everyone around Gustavo knows that he doesn’t like to answer the phone, so under normal circumstances, he will send a message first, and it must start with Dear Mr. Sanchez. Just like Bruce Weinstein, he makes a direct phone call. He has not encountered this situation for several years.

If Gustavo had received his call before today, he would have hung up immediately, but the fact that he was almost killed by Joseph today made him feel a little wary of his surroundings and fear of the unknown, so after thinking about it, Still pressed the answer button.

However, Gustavo’s tone was obviously displeased and he asked, “Bruce, I should have told you not to call me. Why can’t you send me a message first?”

Bruce Weinstein said painfully. Mr. Sanchez, is Mr. Wade with you today? I have something urgent and I need to ask him for help!”

“Mr. Wade?” Gustavo asked in surprise, “You ask Mr. Wade for help.What? “

When charlie in the bed next door heard this, he sat up from the bed and said to Gustavo, “Come on, give me the phone. Gustavo

handed the phone to charlie respectfully.

charlie took the phone and asked with a smile, “Mr. Warden, do you have anything to do with me?” Bruce

Weinstein asked anxiously, “Mr. Wade, what you said today, the more terrifying thing about a man being too hard, have you ever encountered it before?” “

charlie knew that he must be dying of pain now, but he said calmly, “Of course I have encountered it, but don’t you believe it? Why do you care about this matter again? “

“I believe it, I believe it! ” “Bruce Weinstein said hurriedly, “Mr. Wade… today… I was indeed a little too self-righteous during the day… I thought what you told me was all alarmist… I won’t wait until it really happens to me… I know how ignorant I am…”

As he spoke, he begged with tears in his eyes, “Mr. Wade, please save me no matter what. If you don’t save me, I may really be finished!”

charlie pretended to be surprised and asked, “What exactly happened? ” You talk slowly. “

Bruce Weinstein sobbed and said, “To be honest, Mr. Wade, Mr. Sanchez arranged two beauties for me tonight, but I don’t know if I was too excited or if there was something wrong with my body. The area suddenly swelled. I can’t stand it anymore, it’s like I swallowed 10,000 F*cking Viagra pills. Now the situation is getting worse and worse. The doctor at Manhattan Hospital said that the tissue is going necrotic and the only option is to amputate. I wonder if you can save me… “

charlie smiled. It seemed that things had developed in the direction he planned. Then he said, “Well, this

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