The Amazing Son In Law Chapter 6287

When Bruce Weinstein returned to prison with the help of his friend Mark, he was tortured by severe pain and was about to drink a bullet and commit suicide.

Due to strict prison management, non-staff members are not allowed to enter in principle. In order to avoid unnecessary trouble, Bruce Weinstein asked his confidants to pick him up from outside the prison, while his friend Mark could only temporarily return to the hospital. .

After returning to the office, Bruce Weinstein endured the severe pain and asked his confidants to go to the prison area where charlie was located, preparing to quietly take charlie out of the cell.

The prison guard came to the door of charlie’s cell, opened the door, and said, “Who is charlie? Come out.”

charlie slowly sat up from the bed, did not speak, and came to the door silently.

The prison guard first locked up the cells, and then whispered to charlie, “The warden is waiting for you in the office. Come with me.” charlie nodded and followed the prison guard

out of the prison area. The prison guard first took him to The prison’s medical department took charlie to the doctor’s office while the doctor in the infirmary was off work, handed him a prison guard’s uniform, shoes and hats, and whispered, “Change and I’ll take you to see the warden.” 

charlie changed the prison guard’s clothes without asking any questions, and the man took out his cell phone and called a colleague.

The prison guard who came in was about the same height and shape as charlie, and the prison guard who brought him here whispered to the new prison guard, “Wait here, don’t make any noise, and don’t use your mobile phone to contact anyone.” , I will lock the door after I go out, and you will wait here for me to come back.”

The prison guard nodded and said, “Okay, captain.”

The prison guard from before was relieved, took off his hat, handed it to charlie, and said “Put on your hat, let’s go. After we go out for a while, remember to keep your head down to avoid being photographed by the surveillance camera.”

charlie nodded slightly, put on his hat, and then went with himWalk out of the infirmary together.

After leaving the infirmary, the prison guard swiped his card and took charlie directly to the prison guard’s work area.

As he walked away, the prison guard whispered to charlie, “Remember, if anyone asks about tonight’s events afterwards, just say that you feel unwell tonight, and I will take you to the infirmary, but the doctor is off duty, so I just I can lock you in the infirmary first, and then go out to help you find some emergency medicines. It took me a long time to find the medicines, but fortunately you felt better after taking them, and then I sent you back to the cell. “

Okay.” charlie felt that the other party’s method of replacing the civet cat with the prince was reasonable. There were no obvious loopholes. Moreover, he was wearing a prison guard’s uniform and a hat. The surveillance cameras could not capture the person’s face, so he would not be detained. If you lay down any tangible evidence, it probably won’t arouse any suspicion.

The prison guard took charlie to the top floor. After walking through a long corridor, he came to the door of the warden’s office. Then he gently knocked on the door three times. Without waiting for a response from inside, he opened the door directly and faced the sofa. Bruce Weinstein, who was in great pain, said, “Warden, people are here.”

As if seeing a savior, Bruce Weinstein quickly said to charlie, “Mr. Wade, please come in quickly! Lip, please go out first.” .”

The prison guard nodded quickly and closed the heavy soundproof door after charlie entered.

Bruce Weinstein couldn’t bear it anymore and wailed loudly, “Mr. Wade, Mr. Wade, you have to save me! If you don’t save me, I will become a useless person!”

charlie looked at him and smiled slightly. , I spent so much effort just to come to this office quietly, and this goal was finally achieved.

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