The Amazing Son In Law Chapter 6288

Then, he looked at Bruce Weinstein and said coldly, “Don’t worry, although your little brother is in pain, he won’t be broken for a while.”

Bruce Wayne Stan said subconsciously, “How could it be? My friend who is a doctor said that it is already dead. If you don’t treat it for me, I’m afraid I will have to amputate…” charlie said calmly, “Don’t worry, there is spiritual energy here, it wo

n’t It will be over. As long as you cooperate well, I will cure you.”

Bruce Weinstein looked surprised, “Reiki? What is Reiki?”

charlie did not answer his question, but asked coldly, “I asked. You, is there a secret passage in your office? Is Peter Zhou locked under the secret passage by you?!”

Bruce Weinstein seemed to have seen a ghost for a moment, staring at charlie in stunned silence, and murmured, “You …Who are you?! How do you know about the secret passage and Peter Zhou?!”

charlie smiled and said, “I came here just for Peter Zhou.”

As he said that, charlie sent a spiritual energy into his brain , commanded in an unquestionable tone, “Answer the question I just asked!”

Bruce Weinstein shuddered, and his brain instantly regarded charlie as someone who obeyed his orders, and quickly said, “There is indeed a secret secret behind my office. The road is an elevator shaft. There is a secret cell under the elevator shaft, and Peter Zhou is locked there.” 

charlie asked again, “Besides Peter Zhou, who else is there?”

“No more…” Bruce Weinstein said truthfully, “He is the only one down there, locked in a completely closed room. I will bring him food and water once a day.” charlie continued to ask, “

Rosschild Why do the Germans keep him here?”

Bruce Weinstein said, “It’s becauseStealing things from the Rothschilds for him.

“Stealing? ” charlie frowned and asked, “What is it?” “

“I don’t know either. “Bruce Weinstein explained, “I only know that that thing is very important to the Rothschild family, but that week Peter refused to tell the truth even if he was dead or alive. Some time ago, people from the Rothschild family came here to interrogate him every day. , but he has been unable to find out any valuable information, so he asked me to take good care of him for the time being. “

charlie asked coldly, “Can you take me down? “

“able. “Bruce Weinstein nodded without hesitation.

charlie asked again, “If I leave in the afternoon, will the Rothschild family know? “

“Won’t. “Bruce Weinstein said, “I am in charge here. I report everything to the Rothschild family. They do not directly monitor this place. “

charlie felt relieved and ordered, “Take me down now! “

Bruce Weinstein respectfully said yes, and then went to the bookcase in his office. He took out a book of “The Gospel of John” from the bookcase, and then completely covered the cover of the book with his palm. Go up.

Something magical happened immediately. After scanning his palm prints and fingerprints, the book immediately made a beeping sound. Then, the back panel behind an empty bookshelf suddenly opened, revealing a set of cameras.

Bruce Weinstein stepped forward and stared at the camera with wide eyes. Immediately afterwards, one of the bookshelves slowly opened, revealing a metal elevator door.

After the disguised door of the bookshelf opened more than 45 degrees, the metal elevator The door also opened automatically, revealing a small and small elevator.

At this time, Bruce Weinstein respectfully said to charlie, “Sir, please come in.” “

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