The Amazing Son In Law Chapter 6290

charlie looked at his tortured face and recognized that he was Zhou Liangyun, the manager who worked at Ji Qingtang!

At this moment, charlie had mixed feelings in his heart.

He quickly stepped forward, held Zhou Liangyun’s hands in his, and whispered, “Mr. Zhou…oh no, Uncle Zhou, are you okay? I’ll take you out of here!”

Zhou Liangyun burst into tears instantly and looked at charlie, Choking up sobs, he said, “Master… you… you know everything?!”

charlie nodded, “I saw a photo of you and my father, so I came to the United States to look for you and found it all the way here.”

Zhou Liangyun said with shame. Young Master, not only did I not tell you my identity in Aurous Hill before, but I also framed your father-in-law and made rude remarks to you. Please don’t blame me…” charlie said hurriedly, “How could that be? Although I don’t know what happened

. I don’t know the specific details, but I believe that Uncle Zhou must be doing it for my own good. My ability to obtain the “Nine Mysterious Heavenly Scripture” must be due to your arrangement. In the final analysis, I want to thank you.” Zhou Liangyun quickly shook his head and said, “Master,

I I just followed your father’s arrangements before his death and brought the “Nine Mysterious Heavenly Scripture” to Aurous Hill to you. All of this was your father’s preparation for you. It is also thanks to your father’s support and care that I can live to this day. You don’t need to I’m grateful.”

charlie was even more horrified. Although he had doubted whether his ability to obtain the “Nine Mysterious Heavenly Scriptures” was related to his father, he had never found direct evidence.

And now, Zhou Liangyun’s words confirmed this speculation for himself.

At this time, charlie had countless questions that he couldn’t wait to ask Zhou Liangyun clearly. However, seeing the situation in which the two of them were stretched out, and looking at the steel collar around his neck, charlie immediately stepped forward and grabbed it. The neck collar was pulled apart abruptly, and then he helped Zhou Liangyun up and said, “Uncle Zhou, I will take you out first. Don’t worry, I will make the Rothschild family pay with blood in the future!” Zhou Liangyun said hurriedly, “Master, this

is In the final analysis, it is my fault. I deserve what the Rothschild family did to me, and I can’t leave here now. If I leave, the Rothschild family will not let my family go, and I can’t implicate them… …”

charlie was startled and asked quickly, “Uncle Zhou, what is the grudge between you and the Rothschild family? I heard from outside that you stole their things?”

Zhou Liangyun smiled bitterly and said, “Yes. I stole their things, but strictly speaking, they also stole their things…”

As he spoke, he looked at charlie and said seriously, “Master, you must have many questions that have been confusing you for a long time. I have found the answer. Since you have found it here today, I will answer it for you one by one. After I finish answering it for you, I have one more thing to ask you!”

After listening to what Zhou Liangyun said, charlie said without thinking, “Uncle Zhou, let’s go out and talk slowly!” “

No…” Zhou Liangyun shook his head and said firmly, “Master, You and I can chat here.”

As he said that, he pointed at Bruce Weinstein who looked dull behind charlie, and said, “He is the only one who will come here recently. Since he is already under your control, we will be here in a short time. It must be absolutely safe. I have something I want to explain to you as soon as possible.”

charlie hesitated for a moment and nodded lightly, “Okay! I’ll help you heal your body first, and then you can tell me slowly. .”

After saying that, he put his fingers on Zhou Liangyun’s veins, and a little bit of spiritual energy entered his body, which completely restored his physical condition in an instant and greatly improved it.

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